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What is Multi-passionate?

Being Multi-passionate means that you like to work, and find success, across multiple areas and multiple disciplines.


You will typically identify with being Multi-passionate if you have experienced any of the following:

Have feel trapped by the thought of having the same job for the rest of your life

You like to have lots of different projects on the go at the same time – and people amaze at this!

People in your life don’t understand why you ‘just can’t focus’

You like to experiment in disciplines that seem quite un-related to your main focus/job/career- if you have one as you may have more than one job/career?

People are amazed that you have been so successful in things that seem unrelated to what you do/your main job/career (again if you have one)

You often get asked ‘what are you doing now?’ or ‘haven’t you found something to settle down with yet?’ or ‘oh, you’ve taken up another hobby?’

You feel the need to hide what you are doing from family, friends and loved ones as they don’t understand your desire to dabble and play and try lots of new things…

…they also may worry about you for the same reason

You feel excited at the thought of new projects NOT daunted

You are always looking for the next thing to get stuck into

Lots more to it…

There are many other things I could list here, and maybe if you identify with being Multi-passioante (MP) you can think of some others.  All I can is that as an MP myself I struggled with this for a long time, mostly as I could see that it wasn’t something that was typically viewed positively or even condoned.  After all we are raised in a society that typically enforces the choice of one career for life.  We are taught to find that career, climb the ladder and secure our financial and personal futures!

Being an MP was also something that my friends, family and particularly my parents found to be very difficult.  You see, when you go through life trying lots of things people don’t know how to really relate to you.   To the outside world you can appear to be flakey, unfocused, unable to settle, having a lack of clear direction or knowledge about a career/what you want to do…..these are things that really worry parents!  After all, how are you going to settle down and find a stable job with a pension and security for your future?


 The fact is that being a MP can mean that you are extremely successful on both a personal and financial level. In fact Multi-passionates live in an exciting time as where many others may be floundering in the current climate where jobs are scarce and maybe even people are being made redundant, it is the MPs that remain strong.


…well not only are MPs brilliantly equipped to find other employment or work by drawing on the multiple skills they have, but they may not be under any threat at all as they probably had multiple streams of income anyway.  You see many MP’s don’t just have one job/career, so if one goes belly up then there are usually the other strings to their bow to rely on.

The entrepreneurial spirit

Its because of the reasons above that MP’s make fantastic entrepreneurs!

With a bag full of talents, a engine that thrives on drive, determination and new projects and a passion to learn new things and get involved is the reason that many MP’s start their own business or multiple businesses in varying areas of interest.

In fact as a Multi-passionate Consulting Psycholgist I’ve had the pleasure of helping many MP’s do just this.

If you would like to know more about being an Multi-passionate then please browse the pages here on my site as well as following the links through to my Multi-passionate Conference pages.

I’m always adding and updating the site and I’d also love to hear from you and what you would like to know more about.

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I look forward to hearing from you and hearing more about your own passionate life!

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