Serena Simmons Consultant Psychologist

Change. Motivate. Adapt. Improve. Perform



I’m academically-minded, so when it came to thinking about the business I wanted set up- I was all over it. Unfortunately, I was doing too much thinking and not enough ‘doing’! Serena was excellent at helping me focus my thoughts and channelling them into action! She has a fantastic insight into business and into people. Thanks to Serena’s coaching I’m now more productive than I’ve ever been and the launch date is in sight. Thank you!

Claire Minshull:  Founder/CEO of


I was lucky enough to meet Serena through mutual friends. I am a coach of an amateur rugby union team in Nottingham which previously struggle to work together and understand the personal sacrifice it takes to become successful.

Serena initially held three evening sessions with the top 30 players which lead to the players requesting a full day with her. Serena delivered a session on team work and what it takes to become a successful team. As a club we reviewed an international team and then watched back footage of one of our own matches. Comparing the difference between the two the scenes players identified a number of factors within their own lives that they could change in order become more professional. Serena set up the day to be a fun and friendly environment which took the players out of their comfort zone. Serena did this while supporting their development and encourage positive communication within the group. The most powerful message to highlight the success off the day came when players asked when we could do the next day and what we would cover.

Since the sessions held by Serena numbers at training and effort at training has improved considerably making for a more successful and happy club. Players feel they can freely communicate amongst themselves and with coaching staff without recourse which has improved communication at all levels. Players now have far more ownership of what happens as they put ideas toward to coaches and managers.

I would highly recommend Serena to any person or business that is looking for that extra edge in what ever field they specialise in.

Myles Rutherford:  Lead Coach Paviors RFC


What I got out of it was more drive and motivation to improve myself physically and mentally – Liam Naylor


I think after the meetings with Serena it got the lads together from across the 1’s to the 4’s to air their views and the club has taken this on, for the first time in my 4years with Pavs it actually feels like a team rather than 4 different teams, everybody knows that if you put in the graft you have a chance of progressing through the ranks. Last year for me personally I would never have contemplated playing 1’s and 2’s yet 2 games into the season I’ve made my debut for the 2’s. Enjoyed the whole day the discussions on how the all blacks do things including the Haka and the games. – Jason Mccarten


I found the sessions very useful and informative it was a good opportunity to analyse ourselves as individuals and as a squad of players. It was useful to break down the boundaries between teams and to discuss our strengths and weaknesses and work on them. – Andrew Briggs

Selection of players from Paviors RFC


Taking a step in to a long held aspiration is very exciting but at the same time daunting to say the least! Like most people I have self-doubts and as my own worst critic I may not always believe in myself and my abilities. Coaching with Serena has helped me through all of this (and more). Serena is a great listener who put me at ease so I could talk about my aspirations, dreams and fears. Serena listened with optimism and an open mind whilst keeping a sharp eye on reality and practicality.
I found sessions with Serena inspiring, supportive, motivational and above all practical. Working with Serena is helping me to achieve the things I strive for and to develop my business.

Dr Jennifer Marshall


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