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I offer limited Intensive Coaching packages which are for a day or half a day duration.

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An Intensive session if for someone who is typically new to Coaching and who feels that they may only want a day to work though an issue or problem as a one off event.

These sessions are then very much geared towards those that:

Feel that a 1 hour session won’t be enough…

Feel that you would rather blast your issue or problem and give yourself one full day or half day to get a significant portion of the work done…

Feel that stretching out your Coaching over weeks or months to be frustrating to you…

 – What the day will include – 

The day itself will start at 9.30am and end by 4.30pm.  You will be given tea/coffee throughout the day and the it will also include lunch.

We will spend the first part of the day addressing and getting to grips with where you are now, and address any patterns of behaviour from your history.  We will also look at goal setting and future planning.

The afternoon then will involve a breakdown of these goals and we will look at compelling a realistic, time bound schedule for your to accomplish this, but more importantly we will look at HOW you will do this.  Again, this is different to other Coaching practices which can sometimes be geared towards to ‘motivational’ end of the spectrum.

My Coaching is all about being in action and doing the work!

If you take this on, be prepared to leave with your head brimming with ideas, a list of things you have to do (in a way that doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed) and a clear idea of where you are heading.

You’ll receive a report from me afterwards which will include a breakdown of what we discussed, as well as an outline of Instructions and readings that will be selected for you.

– What specifically can you help with – 

A Intensive Day is geared towards those who wish to focus on the following:

Career change – so you are unhappy in your work and want to leave your job but don’t know how/what to do

Business – you have a new business, or want to start one but don’t know how to go about it maybe because you don’t know what to choose for a business idea

Are Multi-passionate – you are struggling to find balance/focus or clarity about what you want to/should be focussing on

– COST – 

The cost for a full day Intensive Session with me is £600.00.  This includes a full day from 9.30-4.30, a phone call prior along with worksheets.  A follow up report and tea/coffee and lunch throughout the day.

A half day session can start at either 9.30 or 1.30 and will run for 3.5 hours at a cost of £350.00

The session itself will take place at an agreeable location, which can be your home (if this is a quiet location) or my office which is in the city centre.


If you would like to book a day or half day Intensive session then please fill out the form below stating if you interested in a day or half day and also the issue you would like to focus on.  I will then be in touch with you to arrange a phone call to discuss the options and details:




This Multi-passionate planner has a week to view and will take you through an entire year.

Each week has space for:

– The date

– Exercise

– Appointments AM

– Appointments PM

– To Do

– Contacts

– Notes and Scribbles


You will also find a monthly plan at the front and back of the planner.


As well as this, you’ll find lots of plain and graph paper to make your own notes and scribbles…


If you would like one of these planners to start planning your new year, then click on the link below to be taken to the secure PayPal page.

Each planner costs £15.00 (plus P&P)