Serena Simmons Consultant Psychologist

Change. Motivate. Adapt. Improve. Perform

Corporate Coaching Programmes

Coaching Organisations for Growth & Success (C.O.G.S) ©

C.O.G.S is a set of programmes that I have devised for use within companies and corporate settings.  C.O.G.S consists of several different platforms that can be utilised to bring out the best in your executives, employees, teams and  business, these are:

* Tailor-made day workshops for small groups

* Tailor-made team-building workshops

* An 8 week course – delivered in weekly modules

* 1:1 Executive Coaching

For a full outline to be e-mailed or posted to you regarding C.O.G.S content, please contact Serena Simmons at

Who this may benefit?

The programmes outlined here can be tailored to teams in various groups and settings.  These programmes here have been utilised in both corporate settings as well as schools, universities and various sports teams.  For more information about how these programmes can be adapted to your needs please contact Serena Simmons at the above.


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