Serena Simmons Consultant Psychologist

Change. Motivate. Adapt. Improve. Perform

About Me

Hello, I’m Serena Simmons.  I’m a Psychologist and University Lecturer.

Serena Simmons Portraits Web_02

I live the most multi-passionate life and I love working with people, helping them to achieve their very best life which often means juggling lots of things and often figuring out which things should take priority.

I do this by using tools and the skills I have developed over the years in my capacity as both a psychologist, academic and also all the things in between that have helped me to formulate my own unique ways of working, like my experience of teaching drama and improv for years to individuals, corporates and businesses.

Why come and see me?

People come and see me for all sorts of reasons, but mostly it’s because they have reached a point when they feel something has to change.

Often I see people because they are struggling with how to change their career, sometimes it’s their relationship, sometimes they just want to change their mindset or personal circumstances as they feel like they don’t know which direction to head in?


I have worked for over 15 years in various mental health settings.  I have also worked as a manager for HM Prison Service and for almost the last 10 years have worked as a Senior Psychology Lecturer in a Midlands Based University.

Qualifications and Credentials

I have two undergraduate degrees a BSc in Psychology and a BA in Criminology, I also have an MSc in Psychology.

I also have my Level 1:  British Sign Language and completed my PGCHE with distinction I am also a Chartered Psychologist and HEA Fellow.


I am a Chartered Member of the BPS (CPsychol), my governing body.  I am also a member of the BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology.  In this capacity not only do I practice, but I undertake research in the area and have presented for the last 2 years at the BPS, SGCP Coaching Psychology Conferences in Rome and Edinburgh.

To know more about me, please click on this link or go to the ‘My Story’ link in the main search bar.


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