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It’s our penultimate week here on the site and before I leave I’d really love to know more about YOU if you’re reading this.

You see I happen to know for a fact that if you’re sat here reading this, it’s because you are someone who is interested in the world, in people and you are passionate about making your life richer and more fulfilling.

I know this because, I hear from you.  You e-mail me, you tell me your stories and over the years many of you have worked with me having sought Coaching.

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I consider what I’m doing next as a big leap up to the next rung on the ladder.  I’m cranking up a notch the work I do…why, because by crickey I’ve learnt so much in these last few years of doing this work that I have to share it.

In doing that, I want to take you with me as a big part of the next phase is showing off your talents and the things you have down and continue to do.  I know that this is important as it’s these messages, stories and adventures, when we share them, that inspire us to do our own great things, to challenge ourselves and, here I go again with my favourite phrase, it pushes us out of comfort zones. And you know how I feel about that!

A friend told me this week that she was travelling overseas for the first time ever on a holiday and was going on her own.  She said she felt pretty anxious.  I can totally understand this.  It was new, scary and totally out of what was her norm having always previously been away with her partner.  My response after acknowledging all that would be scary and new was ‘ Wow.  You know though, that out of your comfort is truly where the magic happens!’.  I believe this.

It is because of this that I would love to hear from you if you have done something that was for you extraordinary, unusual or you feel it just totally pushed you a out of your comfort zone.  Maybe you can also think of someone else who has done something like this?  If so, please pass on the message and ask them to be in touch.

What will happen is an interview will ensue and you will get to hear all about these amazing people and their stories on the new site over at Ape-athy!

So, don’t sit there hesitating or wondering.  Please fill out the form below with your name and email, and a brief outline of your story.  I promise to get back to everyone that is in touch.

As ever so grateful for your time and contribution here…

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Please also CLIK HERE to sign up to the new site Ape-athy.  

Remember we won’t be carrying you over to the new site.  By signing up you are saying yes please to being kept up to date with what’s going on at A.P.E…our new courses, blogs, interviews and other A.P.E news!


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