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I’d love to hear from you before I leave for other pastures…

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Whoop, whoop!

There are 3 weeks to go until I leave this place called

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I can’t lie.  As excited as I am, I do have a teeny tinge of, is it sadness?  I’m not sure it is, but it’s that feeling you have when you know you are doing the right thing and moving on to pastures new and exciting, but there is just that bit of your heart that aches just a little at the thought of leaving.

Anyway that’s how I feel about moving on to my new website and newly rebranded business.  I’ve loved working in my business under the Multi-passionate banner.  I’ve met so many wonderful people from across the globe who I now call friends.  Forged fantastic business partnerships and well, the money I’ve earned has helped to keep a roof over my head, food in my belly, and that of my cats!

Most importantly I’ve learnt so much, and been able to spend my days in the privileged  position of helping people do what it is that they love to do….

….I’ve been living my life- purpose and boy, there’s nothing better than that!

– Why the APE? –

I haven’t written or spoken a great deal about the new workings of my business, which I actually consider really just the next phase of my growth.  But I can tell you that what it is, is a culmination of my best work and knowledge to date.

I’ve spent over 20 years working in the field of psychology in it’s various guises, and in that time I’ve learnt a LOT!  A lot about these creatures we are called human-beings.  About why we do the things we do and also, how by digging through the ‘stuff’ that has made up the stories about we are, and then applying that in a practical action-based way that challenges, that really very little isn’t possible.  We can achieve great things.

A.P.E is therefore the Model I have devised that will help anyone overcome stagnation in their daily life and evolve themselves to new heights of success.

I really hope that not only will you join me over on my new platform, but that you may also want to contribute or share your stories with the APE-ATHY audience?

What I’m interested in, is in knowing your stories about how you have made changes in your life?  Have you ever experienced anything that you feel pushed you well out of your comfort zone (good or bad) but which allowed you to see something about yourself you didn’t know before?

If you have a story to share that you would like to be interviewed for for the new site then please be in touch by filling in the form below.  I’d love to hear from you.

If you would also like to sign up to the new APE-ATHY website which launches on September 1st, then please CLICK HERE to be taken through to a sign up page.

Signing up, merely means that you will be notified of new blog posts, events and programmes and be the first to find out about A.P.E offers.

Please note that you will not automatically receive the new A.P.E posts if you don’t sign up.  I’ll be leaving this site up for a short while, but after a while it will be taken down, so please don’t hesitate in coming on over to the new site if you want to keep in touch and hear more about personal growth, peak performance and self-development.

Wel, I look forward to hearing from you and hearing your stories.

Until next week!

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