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I am not your Guru…

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I’ve been a fan of Tony Robbins for some time.

I have to confess that I haven’t done any of his courses, but I have read some of his work and also I’ve listened to a fair bit of his audio stuff.

Tony Robbins

I have fond memories too of listening to one whole programme when I drove around Europe several years ago.

I was with my then partner and we drove from the UK all the way to Venice and back taking a whole month in a wonderful round-trip.  Every day after we had planned our route, we would say ‘are you ready?’, and then one of us would press play on the stereo and off we would go driving for hundreds of miles soaking up a bit of inspiration as we went.  A little bit each day.

– No nonsense! – 

I like Tony’s work because I happen to agree with a lot of his philosophies and I’ve lost count of the number of times I have thought of something, only to find that he has said the same thing,  or expanded the same way of thinking or theory.

I find his work, practical, no nonsense and yet at the same time inspirational.

I also happen to know that not everyone is a fan.  I’ve heard people say that they find him loud, crass (he swears quite a bit!), obnoxious and that he doesn’t really know his stuff.

Well, you have the opportunity to see him in action yourself as just the other week the film ‘I am not your guru’ was released.

This docu-film gives us a behind the scenes look at what Mr R gets up to at one of his signature courses ‘A Date with Destiny’.

It shows a little about how he plans his work.  How he gets ready for the long days which last around 11 hours.  How he helps to transform people and also you see first hand the opinions of the people who he has helped.

The film is now free to watch on Netflix* for anyone that has a subscription.  But if you don’t have that, you might find this short video of an interview with Marie Forleo just as interesting as he discusses the film and his thoughts on the work he does and why he still travels the world doing this work (it’s not all about the money believe it or not!).

I hope you find it interesting.  I’d also love to know what your thoughts are about Tony or indeed the film if you’ve seen it, so please do share your thoughts below.

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Til next week.

*This is not a sponsored post….just in case you were wondering!*


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