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To all the entrepreneurs out there…

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It hasn’t been by design, but it just so happens that all of my current clients are either business owners or people who are considering leaving their current jobs to create their own business/create their own income.


Call them what you will but they all have an entrepreneurial spirit and all are inspired to live a life on their own terms, creating their own wealth and creating their own schedule.  Some of them also want to be location independent and want to live a laptop lifestyle.

They all however, most importantly have something that they are really good at.

I’m talking really blooming good and they’d like to offer this to the world.  Many of them feel that, if they are working a current job, that this doesn’t allow them to work to their full potential or maybe it doesn’t light them up anymore.

I understand this drive.  It’s partly what led me to set up my own business.

For me it wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy my job as such, it was that my job didn’t allow me, and wouldn’t anywhere in its future, allow me to fully, creatively express myself and to do exactly what I was good at.  Obviously there were all the other control freaky things going on in regards to my time being my own to organise and also wanting to take away the ceiling on my income, but that’s another blog post!

Anyway, in light of this today I’d like to share with you a short video called ‘The Straightest Road to Success’ by Gary Vaynerchuk.

I’m a big fan of Gary and like what he does as well as his down to earth, no crap, say it like it is approach….very much style I have to say!

If you are interested in starting your own business, or maybe you have one, his messages are both useful, practical (go check out his other stuff) as well as motivational, so sit back and enjoy taking from it what ever you will that you feel will help you to propel yourself forward.

Just a word of warning for those that have delicate ears, he does like to use a few (quite a few!) expletives so you are warned.

Enjoy…till next week!

Can I also say a big thank you to all of those that completed my Survey a few weeks ago.  I really appreciate the time and effort you took to do this and the information is very helpful.  If you missed the link, please do CLICK HERE where you can still complete it.

Thank you!


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