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Warning: I’m opening a can of worms!…Should we have ‘coaches?’

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OK, it’s the second post in a row with worms in the title, but this one is short and sweet.


I’d like to open up a discussion that I’ve brought to the pages of my blog before and that is about the role of coaching/the coach.

As I have said here in the past, I believe that there are some fantastic coaches out there.  I personally have have recommended coaches that I know and have referred people on to coaches who work in specific areas that I don’t work in.

There are also, as there are in every profession, really, really bad coaches.

Obviously, as I’ve just said, no profession is immune from people who are bad at what they do and coaching is no different.  But I feel that there is an additional issue with this particular profession in that here in the UK, Coaching is unregulated*.

What this means is that people can train, in some cases over a weekend or after a few hours of long distance learning, to be a ‘qualified’ coach.  This in turn leaves people potentially open to receiving coaching that is falling short to say the least, and at worst may even be really quite dangerous for those who are accessing coaching when they are in a vulnerable position.

An additional issue is that there is no mental health training as part of standard coaching training.  This again, in my opinion, leaves people vulnerable to receiving inappropriate care if in actual fact they should be seeking help from a qualified clinician.  One who can recognise what is going on and advise accordingly.

I’d love to know what you think about this, especially if you are a coach.

Do you agree or disagree?

If you are a coach maybe you too worry about the lack of training and feel frustrated when looking for the right CPD?

Maybe you too would like more regulation or even chartership which may lead to giving coaches more protection and professionalism?

Just before I go, I’d love to leave you with this funny video (which for me is anther view of the ‘bad’ coaches out there)….it was a video shared by a networking group I’m a part of and it certainly started an interesting discussion amongst us.

Nonetheless I hope it gives you a giggle….it certainly gave me one.

Til next week.

*There is no evidence that I could find that suggested that  Coaching is a regulated profession in other countries also*


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