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Are you creative?…

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Do you consider yourself to be creative?

If you do, what does that look like?

Is it that you paint or write or craft?  Or maybe you put together nice interiors or are creative in putting together nice food or recipes?


When I teach creativity to people, these are usually the kinds of responses I get in response to the question what is creativity? Though more often than not people are much quicker to tell me that ‘they are NOT creative’ in any way.

I notice that people often look very sad when they say this, like they are less of a person somehow for only being able to draw a dodgy looking stick figure or that they are unable to ‘make anything’.

So my question is always, why do these things like drawing and painting, specifically define creativity?  Why is it that only artistic pursuits are considered to be creative?

Are you not creative if you can stretch a few pounds to last longer than the average person?

Are you not creative if you can deftly organise a batch of spreadsheets into a organised file for someone to use?

Are you not creative if you’ve managed to furnish your entire home in second hand finds?

Are you not creative if you juggle time every week between work, family and running your business or going to work?

Are you not creative if you you are able to organise yourself at work and manage your team as well?

A good old dictionary definition tells us that creativity is:

  1. the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.
    “firms are keen to encourage creativity”
    synonyms: inventivenessimagination, imaginativeness, innovation, innovativeness, originalityindividualityMore

Creativity therefore is innovation, its is inventiveness and it is thinking outside of a box!

I happen to believe that we are all creative in our now unique ways.

I love to teach this to people and how interesting it is to explore people beliefs behind creativity and what it means.  You see, often people realise through conversation, and most importantly being in action, and a lot of playing, that they too are creative….it just didn’t look like a ‘typical representation’ via painting picture or writing a poem!

We also get to see how focussed we are as a society on these typical representations of creativity and what this does to our psyche.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s bok Big Magic explore the notion of Creativity. And so if you’re interested in thinking about this a bit more, I’ve attached a link to an interview with Elizabeth by Marie Forleo.   You may find the discussion interesting, and may even come up with some things that you would like to explore in your own life or business….enjoy!

Til next week!



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