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How brave are you?….really…

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I’d like to introduce you to this wonderful interview with Brene Brown.

Chase Jarvis is a great interviewer and here you see him dig deep with Brene about how we show our bravery and authenticity in this digital world.

I think that there is so much to be learned from what comes up in this conversation.

It highlights the stories we tell ourselves.

How brave we have to be to show up everyday and show our ‘true’ selves.

Where fear shows up and tries to stop us.

How we build our stories about who we are, and look for evidence from the world and people around us.

– How it impacts on our lives – 

As entrepreneurs and business owners we can often feel very vulnerable.  Our businesses mean so much to us and we often share more of ourselves via the world of social media than was shared ‘back in the day’.

I hope that you find the discussion here useful and that you are able to have some insight as to how you might feel comfortable to navigate yourself in your business via the digital world we now live in.

So as ever, grab your cuppa of choice and sit back and relax and immerse yourself in this fab conversation.

Til next week…


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