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I need help with my business…where do I go?

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Abi has a good business.  She provides graphic design solutions to people in her B2B company which consists of her and one other apprentice designer.

Having spent the best part of 13 years in a job that she previously hated, she now loves what she does and every day feels lucky to be doing what she really always wanted to do. To work for herself.


But why then does Abi feel blocked?

Why does she feel like she really wants to go forward, but at the same time she feels like she doesn’t know what she needs to do to move forward?

She feels stuck, not wanting to call prospective clients back, but at the same time she knows she needs to earn more money to be able to stay in the game.  If this fails she will have to go back to being an ’employee’.  She feels overwhelmed and although she knows that she loves what she does, she feels like the balance has gone from her life.

She seems to be working day and night, missing out on all manner of social events in the name of work and she barely sees her partner.  Also, even though she’s working silly hours and taking work home with her, she doesn’t really seem to be getting much done or earning enough money for that matter.

– Where to look for help? – 

Abi knew she needed some help, but when she started looking for help, she wasn’t really sure what to search for?

She started by looking for a Business Coach, but when she talked to the person over the phone she knew it didn’t feel like a good fit.  It become clear that they wanted her to revisit her business plan.  To strategise about contacting new businesses and to focus on setting strategic business goals and targets for the next 5 years.

Abi felt confused and even more overwhelmed than she did before.  It’s not that these things weren’t important.  It’s just that she had so much ‘mental baggage’ in terms of feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how she was going to fit things into her already bulging schedule.

She also thought about counselling, but having had counselling in her early twenties she knew that she didn’t want to revisit past traumas and heaven forbid her relationship with her parents, when what she needed to do was to focus building her business.

What could she do?  Who could help her?

She mentioned this to a friend one day over a coffee and the friend suggested that she contact a “Psychology Coach’ who specialised in helping business owners and entrepreneurs who were juggling multiple things.

With no idea that this kind of help even existed, she called this person and set up a free 20 minute phone call and then chatted through what help she thought she was after.

This was much better.  Abi felt listened to.  She felt like what was being offered was a good combination of addressing past issues but with a clear focus on moving forward. In unpicking what was blocking her, she could go forward in her business with a clear plan, but more importantly a clear mindset, less mental anguish and an inspiring and realistic vision for herself and her future business.

– What Psychology Coaching can offer you – 

The name has been changed here, but this is how one of my clients came to me for help going forward in her own business.

She had struggled for so long to find the right help, and had been completely swamped by everything that was on her plate, not only in her business but in her life and hadn’t known who she could turn to.

Since I’ve started working with Abi, she’s been able to identify what’s been blocking her from tackling the things that would have taken her business forward.  She’s made some quite big changes to her working life and has more time to spend at home, mostly as she’s developed a ‘work smarter’ strategy for herself.

She has increased her client portfolio by nearly 50% as she was able to identify via coaching, thats she’d been targeting the wrong clients for her.  She also has a new intern starting with her over summer and even has a holiday booked with her partner.

Abi is re-inpsired by her new business approach.  And more importantly, although she’ still working hard she feels more in control, has a clearer vision, better boundaries and well, more money in her account as a result!

– Do you know what you are looking for? – 

Psychology Coaching may be for you if you too haven’t been able to find that combination of being able to look at your life and business at the same time.

How does your life fit into your business, and how does your business fit into your life.  It’s basically all part of the same thing, and in Psychology Coaching we look at you as a whole package, not separate entities.

If you think Psychology Coaching might be something that you would benefit from or to book a free 20 minute consultation to kick-start the process, please contact me at the address below with your query.

This might be the first step to helping you to get rid of your own mental baggage.  To identify clear steps to take to create a realistic yet inspiring plan for your future self future business and future life.

Til next week.



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