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And David…it’s over to you…

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As the the title suggests, it’s over to you for my blog post this week.

When I thought about what this weeks’ blog might look like, the infamous words in my title came to mind.  Do you remember watching through the keyhole, the original with David Frost and Lloyd Grossman, who bizarrely went on to make pasta sauces (?), but I digress…


This week I want to take a peak inside your mind, as I’m interested to find out 2 things:

1 – If you could change something in your life right now, what would it be?

2 – What would have the biggest impact on helping you achieve that change?

Yes, I know these are HUGE questions and maybe you have a long list, you know…more money, a better body, a different career.

Maybe the things you want to change are not as ‘big’. You want more time to indulge your passions, to spend time with family.  Maybe the things you want to change are connected to each other, like you want to travel more and go on holiday, but you realise that you need more money or time to do that?

I see many clients in my work that I help to change change, and from what I can see there are definitely themes in the things that we want to change.  I often for example see people who want to change the things I’ve mentioned here.  People want more money, to change their jobs and do something mores fulfilling, to have help in achieving a ‘balanced’ life, whatever that mint look like for you.

What I am conscious of doing however, is not making assumptions about what it is that you really want.  That is until I’ve asked you yourself.

What do you want?

What changes do you want to make?

How can I help you do that…..really?

In trying to find out what it is that you want, really, I’ve put together a very short survey in which I ask you, well, just to tell me what it is I can help you with?

The survey will take about 4-5 minutes of your time (I’ve timed it!), and it consists of 10 short questions.  I would be so grateful if you would take 5 minutes to fill this out, and in turn help in the direction I can take my future products to help you in your life.

So, sock it to me and tell me all I can do to help you get to where you want to be.

I can’t wait to hear back.

Til next week!


To take part in this short survey please click on the survey link below to be taken to the Survey Monkey site.

All responses will remain anonymous.

Thank you for participating


One thought on “And David…it’s over to you…

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