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Intensive Coaching sessions now available!…

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Bit of a different post this week, as I’d like to tell you about something new that I’m going to be offering as part of my range of Psychological Coaching Packages.

I’ve thought about this for while and as it’s recently been prompted by more of my clients, I think it’s a great time to make the offer public.


I’m going to be offering new a new “Intensive Coaching’ package.

So what does that mean?

It means that if you feel that a 1 hour session is never enough…

If you feel that one hour just won’t cut it to help you with your issue…

If you feel that you would rather blast your issue or problem and give yourself one full day or half day to get a significant portion of the work done…

If the thought of stretching out your Coaching over weeks or months to be frustrating to you…

Then this is the package for you.

 – Why might I want this over standard coaching? – 

Most of the clients I see for sessions chat right up until the last moment, even as they are going out of the door! This is particularly be when we’ve been working through the first few sessions, which are very much about that all important information gathering stage.

You see, as a psychologist I am very interested in knowing about your past as opposed to focussing purely on the future like some other professional coaches.

In my opinion, as a psychologist, I can give you the best help if I can see where your patterns of behaviour come from?  If we can see what you have done in the past, what has worked or hasn’t worked for you.  If we can figure out your story and narrative around certain areas of your life like your key relationships or things like money then I can then best use my skills to help you forge a realistic, yet inspiring path forwards towards the goals that you have set for yourself.

Most of clients up until now, have said that if I had offered them a day or half day at the start of their coaching journey that they would have taken it as it would have allowed them to indulge what it is they wanted to address and really get stuck into making changes immediately; and so that’s what I’m now going to offer.

A day or half a day to get stuck in!

 – What a full day will include – 

Once we have an agreed date in the diary you will be sent some forms to fill out prior to commencing. These forms will have you you focus on the issue that you would like to address and what you hope to get from attending as well as some other details which we will discuss.

The day itself will then start at 9.30am and end by 4.30pm.  You will be given tea/coffee throughout the day and the it will also include lunch.

We will spend the first part of the day addressing and getting to grips with where you are now, and address any patterns of behaviour from your history.  We will also look at goal setting and future planning.  The afternoon then will involve a breakdown of these goals and we will look at compelling a realistic, time bound schedule for your to accomplish this, but more importantly we will look at HOW you will do this.  Again, this is different to other Coaching practices which can sometimes be geared towards the ‘motivational’ end of the spectrum.

My Coaching is all about being in action and doing the work!  I’m not just there to ‘inspire you’.

If you take this on, be prepared to leave with your head brimming with ideas, a list of things you have to do (in a way that doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed) and a clear idea of where you are heading as well as amino-tool kit on how to do it.

You’ll receive a report from me afterwards which will include a breakdown of what we discussed, as well as an outline of Instructions and readings that will be selected for you.

Essentially this is a stand alone package versus having on-going coaching for your issue at hand.

– What specifically can I help with? – 

An Intensive Day is geared towards those who, like I said, want to blast though a particular problem and gain clarity, insight and a plan to move forward.  It’s therefore best suited to you if you are focussed on the following:

Career change – so you are unhappy in your work and want to leave your job but don’t know how/what to do.

Business – you have a new business, or want to start one but don’t know how to go about it maybe because you don’t know what to choose for a business idea?

You are Multi-passionate – you are struggling to find balance/focus or clarity about what you want to/should be focussing on in your life currently.

– So what does it cost? – 

The cost for a full day Intensive Session with me is £600.00.  This includes a full day from 9.30-4.30, a phone call prior along with worksheets.  A follow up report and tea/coffee and lunch throughout the day.

The session itself will take place at an agreeable location, which can be your home (if this is a quiet location) or my office which is in the city centre.

There will be an Early Bird discount for anyone that books before the end of Easter, in this case April Fools’ Day!…you will instead pay £550 for the full day.

I will only be offering 2 places a month for these sessions due to the intensity of them, so if you are keen, now would be a good time to book.  You can book you date up to 6 months ahead so it may be something that you;d like to plan for a birthday gift to yourself, or maybe even someone else…wow!

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about this offer.  Also, if you would like to go ahead with a booking, then please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you to arrange an initial phone call.

Details about the half day sessions can be found on my SHOP page.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope you have a great week!



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