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The things we say to ourselves…

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I need to…

I should…

I mustn’t…

I can’t…

I don’t have..


Is it any wonder that we some times feel over whelmed by all the things that are racing around inside of our heads?

We live in a society where we are bombarded by things every moment of the day.  Not only do we have the normal daily activities that need our attention, thing sleek our jobs, maintaining our relationships, spending time with family, going to the gym, cooking healthy food; our phones buzz, are laptops ping and letters drop on our doormat.

All of these things bring with them more things to deal with.  Bills to pay, people to get back to, people wanting, needing and demanding our attention.  As these bits of life-admin begin to pile up, so too does the dialogue in our head, telling us to deal with them.  Enter the inner voice that berates and nags us…

I need to…

I should…

I mustn’t…

I can’t…

I don’t have..

I have these nagging thoughts about all of the things I have to do, but I know I’m not alone.

In my privileged work as a psychologist I get to hear about the thoughts that go around in the heads of others.  I get to see on a daily basis how similarly we al feel, regardless of how we might appear on the outside.

What never ceases to amaze me in these moments, is not how different we are are, but just how much we are all so very alike.  I encourage you just to take a moment to notice the words that go around in your own head.  What kind of pressures do you put on yourself by telling yourself about the all the things that you should be doing, or shouldn’t be doing?

Notice the messages that you are constantly bombarding yourself with, and reflect on how this is impacting on your levels of happiness and productivity.

In my experience we are kinder, nicer, more gentle and loving to others than we are to ourselves.  Just a little bit of this can go a long way if you can begin to direct some of this positive energy and positive internal speak to yourself.

Try it, and see what a difference it makes.

Til next week!



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