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You have more control over your emotions than you think…

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Have you ever felt bad because of something someone has said to you?

Have you ever felt like someone has made you cry?

Has someone gone out of their way to upset you?

Has someone you know hurt you or insulted you?

If you are in the arena playing the game or fighting the fight, in other words if you are putting yourself out there and sticking your head above the parapet you are always going to make yourself a target.

A target for those that wish to criticise, for those that feel it is their right to somehow point out your faults and tell you what is wrong with you!

We’ve all been there at one time or another.  And I am no stranger to this in the work I do. I remember feeling incredibly shocked when I set up my work for multi-passiaonte women and in particular advertised my first conference.  I was shocked by the amount of emails I received where people felt it was important that I know what they felt I was doing wrong!

Well, I came across this quote recently, and it really resonated with me…


I will not anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.

Mahatma Ghandi

– You are in control of how you feel – 

How wonderful is this?

I’ve always, always believed that no one makes you feel an emotion.  It may be someones intention that they hurt you, that they intend to make you feel sad or upset or to doubt yourself, but essentially you get to say whether that happens or not.

Essentially, you are in control of your inner world and I think today, when we are potentially made vulnerable by the fact that we are more exposed via social media and websites for our businesses, that this may happen more frequently as we open ourselves up to this kind of criticism.

So, I’d like to remind you that you get to say how someone or something affects you.  In this case, if someone is being negative to you, not only does it say more about who they are than you, but rest assured they will not be able to walk through your mind with their dirty feet…..unless you give them permission to!

A great reminder for all of us.

Til next week.



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