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What would you do if you had all the money on the world?

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There has been an awful lot of ‘lottery fever’ around at the moment.  Even if you don’t do the lottery, you would have had to have been living under a rock to have missed the frenzy that was caused by the recent ‘rollover’ here in the UK.  On top of that there has been the US Powerball lottery, in which the bonkers amount of 1.4 billion dollars was up for grabs.


So, why am I discussing this here on the pages of my blog.  Well, in my coaching I always look at someones ‘money story’ with them.  By your money story, I mean the relationship that you have with money that has been created by you over your life time.  You see, we all have a story about money that has been informed by our experiences, starting with how we were taught to relate to it as children.  It’s really interesting to contemplate for example, how our parents related to money as individuals and therefore what we took from this?  It’s knowing your money story that can help you to do things like be more aware of how you spend your money, invest for the future and excitingly increase your earning potential now.

In my money story I can see how my parents related to money completely differently, and how this consequently affected me over the years.  My father for example is a ‘saver’. A business savvy man who has invested his whole life.  He takes money very seriously and his focus has always been very much on the future and how he could take care of his family in old age. My mothers’ view was very different.  She had a very successful business herself, but was less money savvy than my Dad. Although she was very successful, she didn’t think as far ahead as my Dad.  She ‘enjoyed her money’ let’s say and would spend on us, her children, when we were younger, spoiling us with ‘stuff’.  This came from her own money story, as she was very poor as a young girl and grew up with the mantra, ‘I want to give my kids what I didn’t have’….and so the patterns become engrained over the generations.

This is hugely oversimplifying the early part of my money story, but hopefully you get a sense of what figuring this stuff out can do.  You see, in my youth I struggled to understand money.  Money was an ‘emotional’ thing.  I would get upset and emotional about any conversations about money and I can see where this came from.  Being able to see this, has helped me massively in terms of relating to it in a manner that is much more healthy now.  I can see blocks I’ve had about money and what freeing them up can do for me and ultimately my future.  There is great power in getting clear about these things.

This money story exercise is something that you can do to help you to see why you relate to obey in the way you currently do.  Along with this, another exercise I do with my clients is to contemplate the common question, ‘if money were no object what would I do?…..really’.

I really encourage you to contemplate looking at these 2 powerful exercises.  First of all,what is your money story?  What has informed your story around money?  Can you see patterns in how you relate to money and maybe se where these patterns come from as a direct product of your past including family and other informative experiences.

Then, contemplate what you would do if you had an infinite pot of money?  Aside from all the typical things like taking care of family, what is the first things you would do after lets call it ‘house-keeping?’  Would you leave your job?  Would you start your own business, if so what would it be?  Would you set up a charity?  Would you spend all day playing your guitar or make paintings?  Would you want to travel…if so where to?

I really encourage you to spend some time really submerging yourself in this idea and really consider what you would do.  Write these ideas down and see if there are any surprises?  I can tell you that when working with clients on this exercise, they are often quite surprised that when I get them to really consider this, that there are some things that they would do, or in fact wouldn’t do.  For example, the ‘I would love to move abroad and live in a sunny place’, in reality is more like, ‘Actually if I could buy any house, and live anywhere then I wouldn’t want to be far from my family which really means staying in this area.  Buying a bigger house here and maybe just going on more nice holidays’.  Also, those that think they would want to leave work and become a person of leisure, decide that the day to day reality of doing nothing would in reality not work.  That they would actually look to set up a new business.

So, what would you do…..really?  Have fun and play with the concept and see what really comes up for you.  You might surprise yourself with the ideas around what you really would to do if money were no object.  The next step then, is to work towards creating some of these things in your life right now.  I’ll cover this more next time.

Til then, I hope you have a great week!


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