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New year retreat…

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I’ve always tried to hard to practice what I preach.  There’s nothing worse than good mannered advice and intention from someone who clearly has trouble sticking to their own rules….though I admit, it’s a work in progress and something that requires insight and determination!  One of the things I encourage all of my clients to do is to make goals for their future. We all want things in our life, even if that is just to ‘be happy’, but by not defining what happiness even is, how will you ever achieve it? 

As William Butler Yeats wrote….’we are happy when we are growing’ and growth to me is SO important on my own journey to achieving what I want to achieve as well as my own happiness.

In light of this, every year I set intentions, put goals in place and make wonderful plans for my future self and year ahead that I can aspire to, plan for and get excited about!  So, as I write this I am indeed practicing what I preach as I am shacked up in a cosy pub on the Norfolk coast drinking a hot coffee, with my notebooks and iPad making goals and plans for the year.


I’ve been here a few days now, on my own in a cute little cottage and have been spending my days walking (a lot!), writing, planning, reading, drawing, sleeping, eating lovely food and planning some more.  This has been my little retreat at the start of the year which will set my intensions for the year ahead.

Being on my own and being in nature has been nurturing to my soul and my creativity on this trip.  I’ll be sad to leave Norfolk but also super excited at what lies ahead in the coming months.  I hope you enjoy the things I’ll be sharing here on these pages and look forward to hearing your own inspiring stories in the year to come.

Till next week!



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