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How are you going to think differently in 2016?…

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I’m going to leave you with this short post as we build up to the exciting start of the New Year.

In doing so I am going to present you with one of my very favourite quotes by Einstein and that is this…


As we reflect on the year we have had and we think about entering a new one, it is almost inevitable to think about the highs and lows that we have had this year.

I for one have had a difficult year emotionally.  The passing away of my beloved grandfather, the serious illness of other family members as well as nearly dying in a very serious car accident (which I didn’t discuss on the pages of my site for obvious reasons).  But I have had some fantastic highs too including the rise and success of my business, spending time with new friends and seeing new places as well as visiting old…New Zealand I love you!

Even if you are not the kind of person to make New Years Resolutions, I think a New Year is a great opportunity to reflect on some these things and then to take the opportunity to think about things you might want to do differently to serve you, and others, in the tabula rasa to come!

I therefore love this quote by Einstein that helps us to think about this in a different way to the usual expanse of choosing anything and everything we may wish to change.  The lists that often feel so daunting and un-doable!….

‘we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’.

Instead of having a list of resolutions this year, maybe you can instead think of ways you might be able to ‘think differently’ that will effect your life.  You may be able to apply some different ways of thinking across the board or maybe they will be more specific, for example…

Is it that you wish to take emotion out of the objects you own, so that you can de-clutter?

Can you relate to ‘loving your body’ as a means to not filling it with things (food and drink) that don’t show it love?

Is it that you can think differently about the internal motivation for your business as a means to changing what it looks like?

Can you relate to ‘time-out’ to nurture yourself and your interests as a means to ‘filling your own tank’, so you therefore have the energy you can give to others?

How can you change how you relate to or think about, the things you wish to change?

What can you do differently?

What simple tweaks in your thinking, or internal dialogue might the biggest impact in your life?

I hope you enjoy the process of thinking through some of these things should you wish to make some changes next year.  Maybe you feel brave enough to share some of them here…I’d love to hear what you’ve decided on and maybe you’ll inspire others to do the same!

See you on the other side!!


Next month I’m going to be announcing some big changes to my site and how I do things here on these pages.  One of the big changes I’ll be making is a phasing out of some of the products and services offered currently as I change the look of what I’m doing here in quite a big way.  If you could like to be kept up to date about these changes then please email me below so I can add you to my mailing list.

Please also be aware that my offer for individual Coaching sessions will end tomorrow at midnight.  This can be seen on my SHOP.

Have a great NY!


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