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What brings you joy?..

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I had supervision a couple of weeks ago, something I have to do as part of my ongoing practice working as a psychologist.

I discuss all manner of things with my supervisor.  From things going on in my practice, particular clients and the work I’m doing with them.  We also look at other things going on my own life…keeping on track with these things allows me to fully be present when I’m doing my own work and allows me to give my best professional self to my clients.



– Where’s the joy? – 

What came up for me in the conversation this time was how little I have been doing ‘joyous’ things in my life at the moment.

When I looked at what made up my life, I could see that so much of it was focussed on an end goal.  My days were filled with purpose not passion.  Tasks and tick-boxes not fun and relaxation.  With to-do lists and organising not playing.

The irony is that I am always helping my clients to do this.  I’m always talking to others about the importance of taking time out, especially to do things you love.  You need to fill your cup with stuff that you love to help refuel and recharge your batteries.  I know this!  Except I’d lost sight of it especially as I’ve become so much busier lately.

So, my supervisor gave me a task for between sessions and that was simply this….to do things that brought me joy!

For me that involves painting.  It involves singing and music.  It means taking an afternoon off to read a book I love.  It means playing.  So that’s what I’ve been trying to do…

– JOY!- 

Right now as I sit and write this in my studio at the top of my house, I am sat opposite a canvas that I have sketched out for a new painting.  I have scheduled a time to meet with the girls I used to sing with so that we get have a giggly, song-filled meet up.  At the weekend I played with my best friends. We went Geocaching (picture of me below with on of my finds).  We also talked, ate together, laughed and to top it off we went to Bounce, the Trampoline Park here in Nottingham…tee hee.  So much fun!


It’s been really lovely to sit back and reflect on what brings me joy and a great reminder to me of how important it is to do things that you love, for no other reason than just because you love them.

I’ve also been reading the book Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert.


The books reminds us that we can live a ‘Creative life beyond fear’.  So far the most important message for me has been just what I have told you here.  That to do the things we love, for no other reason than just because those things bring us joy…this is what life is all about.

– What brings you joy? – 

So, what brings you joy?

Are you currently doing those things now?  Have you made the space for them in your life?

Could you reintroduce something that you haven’t done for a long time or even start something new?

I really encourage you to take a look and see if there is anything that you can be doing that brings you joy.  It’s been such a great reminder for me and I hope also for you!

Till next week…

Before you go, please do share about what things bring you joy and any tips you might have for re-introducting the joy back into your life.

More discussion also over on my Facebook page…please CLICK HERE.


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