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Have you ever….

…felt trapped by the thought of having the same job for the rest of your life

…enjoyed having lots of different projects on the go at the same time – and people amaze at this!

…felt that people in your life don’t understand why you ‘just can’t focus’

…felt a need to experiment in disciplines that seem quite un-related to your main focus/job/career- if you have one as you may have more than one job/career?

…found that people are amazed that you have been so successful in things that seem unrelated to what you do/your main job/career (again if you have one)

…been asked ‘what are you doing now?’ or ‘haven’t you found something to settle down with yet?’ or ‘oh, you’ve taken up another hobby?’

…felt the need to hide what you are doing from family, friends and loved ones as they don’t understand your desire to dabble and play and try lots of new things…

(…they also may worry about you for the same reason)

Felt excited at the thought of new projects NOT daunted

…feel like you are always looking for the next thing to get stuck into


If you relate to any or even all of these things, the chances are that you are a Multi-passionate.

Journal - 4

I knew I was Multi-passionate (MP) from a very young age.  I just didn’t know it had a name, or even could have one?  I also thought that I was the only person that struggled to ‘choose one’ thing to be.

All I knew was that I loved doing many things, all at the same time and that as a result people around me struggled to understand who I was or what I was trying to achieve.  In fact even I struggled to know what I wanted to do sometimes as I loved doing so many different things.

This was particularly an issue for my parents, well my dad mostly, as he so desperately wanted me to enter a recognised profession…you know, so he could tell his friends that my daughter is a doctor/solicitor/dentist’ …all the ‘usual’ recognised professions that were considered ‘good’ careers to have.  Also, he felt that this was the best way to secure my financial future.  He had my best interest at heart.  You know:

Get a good job.

Climb the job ladder…get promoted

Secure a good pension

…and along the way, get married, ‘settle down’ and hopefully have a few kids along the way!!

This was the destination. The place to be.  It’s what people who were successful would do, wasn’t it?

I never fit the mould…

The ‘problem’ I had, was I never fit this neat mould.  It’s not that I didn’t work hard and enter a ‘good’ profession.  It’s just that route I took was a little more colourful and eventful and twisty and turny than some others may have travelled.

On my journey to my current career as a psychologist, I played, and travelled the world and still painted and exhibited my work as an artist, I was also in various bands and groups singing across the countries I lived in.  I had lots of different jobs and performed Improvised Comedy all over the world!  I had a blast, but it was by no means a linear route to a profession.  I dabbled, took time out, experimented and discovered who I was and what I wanted to do as I went, trying to achieve some kind of Mastery in various other things aside from the 2 degrees I was studying for at the same time, and then my Masters.

No mine was not a linear route and along the way I received a lot of criticism for this, from family, friends and even strangers!

‘What are you doing Serena?’

‘What do you want to do with your life Serena?’

‘Why are you doing that now Serena?  Have you changed your mind about Psychology?’

‘Oh, so you want to be a singer now?’

‘Oh, so you want to be a drama teacher now?’

‘Oh, so you’ve decided psychology isn’t for you now have you? What’s the next thing?’

‘Why can’t you just settle on something?’

In fact one of my own lecturers; I having just screened a mini spoof video of our Psychology Department which I had written and recorded for the end of year party in which all 40 of us students and academics were gathered at, said to me ‘Serena…what are you gonna do for your next career?’

Having just received a Distinction for my Forensic Masters under her instruction, I still wasn’t taken ‘seriously’ because I had done all these other things.

Where did I belong?

What pigeon hole should I fit into?

I didn’t fit!  And here’s why…’s because I was, and am, a Multi-passionate human being.


Multi-passionate people can’t be pigeon holed very easily, usually because there are a few things that they are doing to a high standard and people don’t seem to know what to do with this information.

You see it’s human nature, when we meet people to want to get a grasp quickly of who someone is.  If someone says, ‘ I do X, and I do X and I’ve done X’, it’s more difficult for someone to get a handle of who they are relating to.  Then of course they can also appear to be a know it all or a busy body or even a bit flakey!  After all, which one of these people do you really want to be?

Probably all of them is the answer if you an MP!!

Our Education system…

There is so much more to learn about being Multi-passioante.  I feel strongly that it has a big impact on children and how we educate them for example.

I know that for me, that when I was young, if someone had just told me that I didn’t have to choose one thing.  That it was OK to do lots of things, even at the same time, and that doing this  was really OK, I think my life would have looked a little different.  I think more importantly I would have also felt much freer, to be to choose to have fun pursuing all of my interests without having to have just ‘hobbies’ on the side.  It’s actually really difficult when you are young and trying to fit in and forging who you are as a person and the world is trying to tell you to fit into a box.

It’s because of my desire to know more that and to build on this knowledge, that I would like to find more Multi-pasaaionet people and interview them for some research I am currently undertaking.

If you relate to being Multi-passionate and would like to take part in a short interview, then I would love to hear from you.  It will involve about an hour of your time, in person over Skype, and the information will be completely anonymous.

I will then be turning this into some important research that will help us start to understand better the experiences of a Multi-pasionate person, which of course you will have access to on the pages of my site.

If you would like to help then please fill in the form below and I will get back to you with some further information.

Also before I go, this is the last day to purchase Early Bird tickets for the luxury mini-MPWC conference at Eden Hall on 10th September.

To find out more and purchase tickets please click on this link below to be taken to my last post about the day…



I look forward to hearing from you or even meeting you at this fabulous conference.

Til next week!


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