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How do I brand my Multi-passionate business and set up a website?

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I’m back from a super relaxing holiday in Greece and raring to go….


Photo:  A little snippet from my holiday on the gorgeous Skiathos

As usual I love ponder and concoct new projects during my summer period.  I love to use this time to get things moving and make plans for the months that lie ahead.  It also means I get to figure out how to prioritise the rest of my year while I have a little more time away from ‘campus’.  In fact yesterday, Graduation for my students, marked the end of the year for us at The University.  Always a lovely, exciting time and nice to head off into the summer months with a bit of a party.


Photo:  Sneaky photo taken during the ceremony!

MPWC2015..what’s happening?

As you know I’ve been working behind the scenes on this years mini-MPWC (Multi-passionate Women’s Conference).  Funnily enough even though it is a much, much smaller event, open only to 12 women, it’s been much more difficult to organise.  I can only apologise for the delay in getting this information to you…believe me, I’m very excited about this one so I want to be able to announce the details very soon (which I will so fingers crossed. And if you would like to know about the early bird tickets then please go this blog about the event and click on the link to sign up to the Newsletter).

On another note, it is much less difficult to share with you the other exciting new offer I have to help you in your Multi-passionate business, and that is a new short course I am offering which will help you with your website and branding of your MP business!


At the moment the course is a set up to be a one off programme which will run for 4 weeks starting in October.  The course is for you if you have a new idea for a business or have an existing business that you feel needs a bit of a shake-up in terms of what is being offered and also, how you are presenting yourself on-line.

The course is very much for beginners in terms of dealing with the ‘on-line world’ so is really only suitable for you if you need a little hand-holding in terms of how to set up a basic WordPress site.

I work with so many people who are quite afraid and unsure of what to do on a computer or lap-top and I understand your frustration when you feel you are too scared to attempt to do this.  I also know that it can cost A LOT of money to get someone else to do it for you, when in fact in most cases it is so simple so this course will end up saving you money in the long-run too.

This is the course for you if…

….you feel like you would love to get clear your business in terms of feeling like what are doing really represents you and your passion?

…you would like to know how to set up a basic site that would allow you with pride to direct people to it as you know it illustrates clearly what you do and who you are…

…then this is the course for you.

 Like most courses this has come to fruition because of my current, wonderful clients who have taught me about their needs and what it is they want from a Psychological Coaching input in their Multi-passionate life and business.

I have worked with so many women in individual coaching sessions, whereby we end up working quite a bit on how they present themselves to the world via their website, knowing that first you have to get clear about this behind the scenes, that this was the obvious next thing to offer!

How, when and where?

The in-person sessions will run with a maximum of 8 women, for 4 weeks starting in October. They will be held in the evenings in a central Nottingham city location and will take place as 2 hour workshops during the week.

You will be given extensive homework in-between each session, so to keep momentum, and what you will end up with is the following:

– A clear idea of your vision and how your passions merge together to create your business

-A clear knowledge of where your business fits in with your other Multiple-passions

– A clear idea of the service or products you offer that are aligned with your business

– A basic website which illustrates clearly what you do and who you are

– Knowledge about how to set up your website and up-date it on-goingly

At this stage you can register interest to get your early bird place on the course for 8 women only!

I must say at this early stage, that although this course if for ‘beginners’ you must be computer literate in some way (e.g. be able to send a basic email).  You must also own a laptop which you will have to bring to sessions.

If you would like to register early interest for the course then you can do this by filling in the contact form below.  The details for this will be finalised very soon and places are very limited.

So, I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you share my excitement about the new course.  I will be posting details about this and the MPWC2015 over the next few weeks so stay tuned and please get in touch with any questions you might have as well.

Till next week!


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