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When you know you have to make changes….

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I’m back!

I’ve just returned from my 3 week trip to New Zealand and Australia which was just fabulous.  I’ve come back and with a super short amount of time to recover, and am now already back on it with my work as a Lecturer at the University and also seeing clients in my private practice…phew!

It’s been really lovely to come back to see my clients in particular, who were given ridiculous amounts of homework while I was away, and to see the progress they’ve made in their lives and businesses over the last few weeks <happy sigh>.



It is the nature of my work with my psychology coaching clients that I am unable to talk about who they are, what they do and how I’ve helped them….which, given the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G things they have done, is sometimes super sad to me.

Sometimes, if appropriate and with full consent and agreement, I can tell you about some of the people I interact with (some can be seen on my testimonial page); but the truth is, is that most people like to keep the work they do with me, private.

What I can tell you about all of my clients however, is that they all have one thing in common…

…they ALL want to CHANGE something.

The desire to change can be strong. When we realise that something has to shift, that something can’t go on as it is whether that be our work or business, our relationship, our body or just our way of thinking; that thing niggles at us until we do something about it.

When I used to work in more of a clinical based practice, many of the people I worked with would deal with this feeling in ‘maladaptive’ or destructive ways.

Relationships were damaged or sabotaged. Work would cause anxiety and stress to the point of intense and chronic sickness. Instead of exercising or eating well, people would abuse food and even substances as a way of ‘coping’ with the pressure and stress felt by a disequilibrium about their current situation.

Now, the clients I see are different. For a start I don’t see ‘clinical’ or unwell clients*. For the most part, the people I see are successful, professional people who just struggle to gain an objective perspective on what to about their current situation; or these successful people want someone who is expert in facilitating shift.  After all, every professional athlete has a coach, every student has a teacher…my work is no different.

The interesting thing is that when we know we have to change something, it can still evoke those feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and frustration no matter how ‘well’ or successful we are.  That is why it is imperative that we work on changing those things that don’t work for us.

Psychology Coaching 

I’ve found it to be a constant pleasure and privilege to be that objective perspective for people in this situation.

Psychology Coaching has allowed me to help so many people by taking a psychological, in-depth process of looking at who someone is ‘being’ and what has informed their current situation.  I then get to help people make that shift, make changes and ultimately alter the state of their future in both specific and sometimes non-specific areas in their lives.

We all tackle change in different ways.  If the way you are doing this yourself isn’t working, taking a moment to think about what you could do to help yourself is a sure fire way to stay on top of that feeling of overwhelm and ultimately avoid the negative feelings of stress and anxiety that can arise.

What can you do?

You can start by asking yourself the question, what is it I need to do?

Is it to start by finding a book that speaks to you?

Is it finding a blog or website that inspires you?

Is it by finding other people to talk to who have been in your situation?

Is it by finding a Psychologist to help you through the process, or is it to find a new training course or class?

Ultimately, we all know that change is in inevitable part of our growth….so don’t wait to try something that will help you on your path. Find it…do it…act it…believe it!

Till next week!


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