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A journey of self discovery…

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So, I’ve travelled from Auckland to Wellington and all the places around and in-between over the last few weeks.

I’ve revisited old haunts, seen new shores and met old friends with new babies.  I’ve also managed to build in some time to relax, reflect and ‘reconnect’.

As you know, if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, I’m a big believer in taking time out from your normal daily activities to have this time to just stop, get off and reconnect with your surroundings, people and more importantly yourself.

For me, this journey across the North Island of New Zealand has allowed me to revisit places in my consciousness that had been dormant.  Isn’t it funny how a place, a smell, a taste can transport us to back to a different time, a different ‘you’.

What’s been really lovely for me as I’ve come to this place I consider my other home, is that I have a truly deep appreciation of where I am in my life.  So often when we go on holiday we start to wish for different things…more sun, more sea, less work.  I haven’t had that feeling on this trip which for me is a sure sign that I feel content and on the right path or journey. I’m exactly where I should be.

Part of this is in knowing that I’ve created a life that allows me access to coming to places like New Zealand and doing these things without feelings of constraint.  I am not limited. NZ will always be here (Earthquakes permitting! : / ). I don’t need to wish for things like they are out of reach, or look at my life though a ‘what if’ lens.  

What if….I had more money?

What if….I had more time?

What if…I didn’t have to work?

I love what I a doing in my life right now.  I love being able to help people though my psychology practice. I am excited about the things I am up to, and the projects I am working on.

My life feels rich, exciting and full of possibility.  

At the same time I am under no illusion that this has come easily. I also know that I have created this myself, I therefore also know that anyone can create it too!

I relish the hard work that lies ahead.  Living this life I love doesn’t happen by accident. I work hard at achieving it every day. Right now I’m looking forward to my last few days celebrating my birthday (thirty-cough-cough), then coming home to be in the home I love so much.  To snuggle my cats.  To see family and to get stuck into my passion which is my work, secure in the knowledge that my hearts desire is only a thought away.

Till next week!



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