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I hope you’re having a lovely week as you wind up towards a well deserved break this coming Easter weekend.

As you know, I write this from one of my very favourite countries, a special place for me, New Zealand. Here are just a couple of photos from my week…



When I lived here, over 10  years ago, my life was very different for many reasons.  What I notice now, as I come back to visit this beautiful land, is that my experience is also very different. Not just because I am not a university student and at a very different time in my life, but very much because now, from a financial point of view , I have more choices than I did previously.

I travelled this breathtaking landscape before, from the back of an old Nissan Bluebird with one of the windows patched up with plastic and gaffer tape.  I camped around the South Island for two months, drinking warm beer in campsites and sleeping out under the stars listening to the gentle hum of foreign voices, tuis and moreporks.

Now, I’m spending my time in some nice hotels, rented bachs and some friends’ houses. This looks like a different New Zealand, or is it? The fact is, is that I could stay in some even nicer hotels if I wanted to. The way my life and business are heading shows me that anything is possible and that as money becomes less of an ‘issue’ as it was in my younger life, that it gives me access to different things and even, the way I see it, a different world.

But is that what I want?


The New Zealand I saw when I was younger, was SO beautiful I wanted to come back again and  again. 

I can see how that if I stayed in, what are undeniably beautiful hotels, it would mean that all I see is the inside of them and the wonderful people that work in them. It’s still beautiful, it’s still wonderful, but boy what a different New Zealand!

It’s only when I step out of what money can buy, that I see the real, rugged, beautiful, breathtaking New Zealand. The one that you honestly wouldn’t see if you were having a luxury holiday.

I think what I’m saying overall is that money is amazing.  It gives you security it gives you opportunity and ultimately it gives you choices.  I know, that as I make more money and I have more choices about where I stay and what I do, that I will always wanted to camp, do things a little rougher than I need to and sleep under the stars listening to tuis….because the real thing, for me, is something money can’t buy!

Till next week…


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