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Where is your spiritual place?

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Hello everyone!

A shorter post for you this week.  Why I hear you ask?  Well, because I write this post from New Zealand and there is just too much fun and amazingness (there’s that favourite made up word of mine again) to be had.

 Today was especially special for me as I visited the place you see above.  Kare Kare.

This West Coast of Auckland beach was the first place I visited on my travels to New Zealand some <cough cough> years ago.  As soon as my feet set foot onto the warm black, volcanic sand, I was hooked.  Not just hooked in terms of liking where I was, but I remember feeling a truly significant tug at my ‘soul strings’.  I knew straight away that I LOVED being there and that it would play an important part in my life….and it has.

I’ve had fun days out here.  I’ve had picnics with close friends.  I’ve swum in the sea (carefully…it’s pretty rough).  I held a night by candlelight with a sharing of poems, songs and stories there. I’ve cried there when life was tough.  It’s the place I visit everytime without fail when I come here (which is quite a lot….I’m fortunate enough to be an NZ resident if you didn’t know!).  And it’s the place I picture in my mind when I’m relaxing or meditating.  

I LOVE this place.

It feeds my soul.

I wonder if you too have a place like this? If so, where is it and why is it this particular place? I happen to think it’s important to have places like this in our lives.  Places that feed or soul, reminding us of what is important. Who we are and how we are ultimately connected to something  that is so much greater than the small things we can get caught up in in our daily lives.

I’d love to hear from you and hear where your place is? Where does this for you?  Where do you go?

Right….I’m off to have more fun, which I’ll be sure to tell you all about next week as It continue this wonderfulfun and passion-filled journey.

Till then!


Ps- you may be intrigued to know that this is where the film The Piano was filmed too!


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