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When you’re handed lemons…make lemonade!

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So, below is a photograph of my little cat Flossy.

Here is she basically caught in the act…but in true cat style, the absolute brazenness and her look of utter distaste at being asked what she was up to can only make me laugh and yep, grab my camera!

If she could have spoken she may well have said the following…

“Well, I decided to climb up high on to the shelves with the nice clean towels Mum.  I really do like to make a bed there when you’re not looking and you nearly always don’t find me. Anyway, this time I lost my delicate, and not muddy footing, and off I slipped onto the floor with the clean towels conveniently following behind me and softening my landing. 

So, here I am Mum, and my how convenient it is to be able to get these lovely fluffy towels on to the cold slate.  Now I have a perfectly warm bottom.  I don’t have to climb high and I’ve learnt how to do this again….isn’t it wonderful and am I not just the cleverest feline you have ever witnessed?!”


So, although this is an example of a naughty cat the motto/lesson here is the same…embrace the unexpected and see what opportunity it may bring?  As the saying goes, if you’re given lemons make lemonade!

In life, no matter how much you plan, set goals and stick to them, life will inevitably send little and sometimes big things for you to overcome.  These are ultimately the making of who you are.

When I’m working with clients in a coaching setting, it’s amazing how when a person reflects on something negative from their past, when asked if they would take it back or if they would have liked to have not experienced it if they could, they more often than not say no.  They still would go through the same experience if they had a choice as it has ‘made them who they are today’.

Ultimately learning how to handle and even embrace the unexpected can help us to build resilience, fortitude, strength as well as drive and passion often which in turn often sends you into new and exciting directions.

So, let’s all take a leaf from the cat school of philosophy….if the world deals you a pile of towels on the head, use them to keep your bottom warm ;  )

Till next week!

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