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Inspirational Integra Women…

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What a wonderful day!

As you may remember, I was one of the speakers at last week’s Enterprising Women, Integra Awards held at Thrumpton Hall in Nottingham.


Here I am in this picture with some of the really amazing women I had the pleasure of meeting.

You may recognise Anne Davis from BBC East Midlands news.  She hosted the day, introducing each of the speakers in turn and telling us a little about herself in the process.

She was funny, humble, engaging and it was a pleasure to sit and chat with her and the other ladies throughout the day.

The other women you see here are Baroness Ruth Henig who was the most incredibly inspiring woman to grace the stage.  In her talk she told us about her rise from being a teacher and university lecturer through to chair of the Security Industry and a previous member of the Prime Minister’s Street Crime Action Board.

Ruth is responsible, in my mind, for the quote of the day which still makes me smile…

..”progress will be when there as many incompetent women as men in senior positions”.

Hurrah for Baroness Ruth!

Wendy Bowers was the other speaker along with myself and she spoke to us about diversity in the workplace and how in particular, women have been treated over the years.  Horrendously is the answer, but things are changing slowly and we need to stay on our game as women so that we can override the cultural and societal norms that see us being treated less equally than our male counterparts!


The setting was beautiful (thank you Thrumpton!), and fun was had by all…

It was such a pleasure to speak to the women, and a few men, on the day and also to see my friend Helen Taylor be put forward for an award for Enterprising New Business Woman of the Year.

You may remember Helen from helping me to make corsages for my Multi-passionate Women’s Conference last year?

Though Helen didn’t win this time around, she was one of the finalists and has been acknowledged for all the hard work that has gone into her new business (blog to follow soon on Helen and her business venture).

So, all in all it was a wonderful day.  I met so many inspirational business women, many of whom I will be keeping in touch with.

Also, many women from the day have signed up to get to the front of the queue for my next Multi-passionate Conference at Eden Hall.  In light of this, it looks like there might be a couple of dates to choose from?  I will keep you posted about this.

If you have shown interest and have contacted me about the conference, I will be mailing out very soon with more details about the day and also how you can book.

If you want to know more please take a look at my last blog post on the subject or indeed fill in the form below to get to the front of the queue.

Till then…have a great week!



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