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Time for a dose of inspiration…or a kick up the butt?

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The New Year is a great time to get motivated, get into action and get inspired.  At this stage, only being a few weeks in, we are in a good position to be making exciting plans for the year that lies ahead and looking for little doses of inspiration to help us on our way.

I’ve had the pleasure of coming across some wonderfully inspiring messages via the action of others over the years and I’d like to share a small selection with you today, to help you on your way at the start of our year.

I’ve decided, for this selection to share a selection of amazing ladies, who, though the years may have crept up on them, have not allowed a number to slow them down in body, mind or spirit….hold on to your hats people and get ready for a kick up the butt post!


The first of the fine ladies I’d like you to meet is to inspire us is the wonderful Edith McAllister, see here in this fab picture and in the YouTube clip below. If you ever feel like you can’t do something, like you don’t have the energy, skills or ability to try something new then maybe Edith will help you change your mind.  Watch this clip to find out about a little something she likes to do that keeps her motivated, fit and inspired.

Next up in the list of inspiration is Tao Porchon-Lynch. Another amazing power-house of activity, fitness and oh my, what a zest for life.  Tao is still teaching yoga well into her 90’s and hasn’t lost any of her passion, enthusiasm or her flexibility!  Watch her here in this amazing clip below…


Last on the list I would like you to meet Sister Madonna Buder, who at the ripe old age of 84 is still competing in, wait for it, Triathlons!!!!

She has completed over 340 of them in her life time, having taken up running for the first time at the age of 47.

See here a short clip here (from 2009, she has done an awful lot more since then), to find out what she gets up to.

*If you would like to know more about Sister Buder’s life I can’t recommend enough the book she has written about her life with author Karin Evans.  You can find it at the following:



I hope you found these women as inspiring as I do. Each one has done something so different, yet each has found a passion and fulfilment as well as an ability to stay fit, healthy, strong and determined at the same time.

It’s really important to have such inspiring role models in our lives.  When coaching people I often get them to look for people that inspire them so that they can learn to model their behaviour in their own life.

If you’ve found these women inspiring, I encourage you to think about why, and then maybe you can try and harness a little bit of what they exhibit in your own life.

Till next week…


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