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Week 3: Join the dots…

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How is January panning out for your so far?

I’ll be honest, I’ve reached a little bit of a ‘hump’ a couple of weeks into 2015.

I’ve just gotten over a cold and am still struggling with a distinct lack of energy.  The upside of this (there is one, promise!), is that I’ve been able to stay in the cosiness of home which for me means more fires in my little log-burner, homemade soups and yummy enriching dinners, snuggles with my cats and the opportunity to actually read the books I bought over Christmas.

As I was starting to feel a bit better I also did manage to drag myself to a spa for the day.  Poor me!  A silver lining even in the midst of darkness.

The other good thing is that this time has allowed me to plan better the things I’m going to be doing this year.  I’m making way with the projects I’m starting as well as writing material for my new courses and finding time to see new clients.

This leads me to the next step in our new career plan for 2015…joining the dots…




So following on from our last task; you’ve now written your story.  You’ve even listed the main things that stand out for you on a list of what you want to achieve, so on another piece of paper, or on a separate document, you are going to start a new list.

In this list I would like you to write down the perceived benefits of your current job.  What are they?  Maybe you have things like salary and benefits on the top of your list?  You want juicer stuff too though.  We want to get right down to the nitty gritty here.  Is it for example that you also are ‘comfortable’, because you know your role?  Is it that you get to be in charge or you like the status of your job?  Is it that your family like you doing or being in your role?  Is it that it’s close to home?  Maybe you just like the people you work with and feel you would miss out on seeing them/a sense of team?

Whatever comes up for you as a reason to be doing your job, write it down.  As always the same rules apply in terms of absolute honesty and integrity in doing this exercise.  This is only for you and the more honest you are (dig deep), the richer the exercise.

Have you done that?…

…now lets make the connections.

If you’ve done this exercise on paper, you can literally get another coloured pen, and start to join together the items on your lists (you can do this with the tools on your pc as well, or you may want to print your lists off).  In this case you are joining a benefit in your current job, with a specific measurable outcome.  What current benefits in your job relate to future goals that you might have? How does what you are doing now, relate to where you say you want to be?

Keep going until you have linked all the things you can, then sit back and take a look.

What has been linked together?  Maybe there are some things that don’t link up, for example you may want to travel, but your job won’t really allow for that.  Maybe you want to have a house in X (fill in the blank for yourself), but you know really that you would have to win the lottery in order to really live there?

Until we look at the next step, its important to take time with this list and to notice what seems to be missing or un-connected for you.  If it helps you can write these things/feelings down on a  separate page somewhere.


So, next week we will look at the next step to finding your career happiness.

If you would like to know more about the course in which you can do this and similar exercises as well as have conversations with others looking to get out of a career they are struggling with and find their true calling, then just fill in the form below and you will the first to find out all about it.

Until then, I hope you have a fantastic week!


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