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Step 2: Time to reflect…a new career in 2015

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Hello, what kind of week have you had?

I hope you’ve had a good one and that things in the first few weeks of your 2015 are going amazingly well.

So far my weeks are full, full, full.  I’m spending a lot of time writing.  I’m also spending time setting up a lot of the things for the next few months in terms of meetings, starting new courses and in between making time for seeing friends, holidays and ‘nice’ things to look forward to, like spa-days!


 So, in following on from last weeks’ blog post on Your New Career in 2015, let’s get to stage number 2.  So, far you’ve written your story and outlined the things that you see in your future world for your future self. What do you do next?…



It sounds like a really obvious step to take, but this is really important.  Now is the time to take some time to reflect on your story and break down the fundamental things that are the main points/actions/things that stand out for you.

Maybe you actually wrote a different ‘dream’ career down?  Maybe you didn’t have a career, but you wrote down things that expressed more of a life-style.  You see, sometimes people are not necessarily unhappy with their job per-se, they just don’t feel that their job will get them to where they want be.  This is the component that causes the unhappiness and its imperative that we identify this.

What I call the ‘non-negotiables’ are the things you want to pull out of your story, and write down in list format.  For example you may have written down travel.  Or maybe you have written down, spend more time with my family or maybe you want to earn more money?

This list is your definitive list of things that you want to have in your life/achieve.  Write all of these things down.  Remember, no one expect you will see this, so don’t hold back.

When you’ve written everything down, sit back and look over your list adding to it anything that you feel should be on there in terms of goals or things that you may have forgotten or omitted from your story.

Next Week…

Next week, I’ll be sharing the next step that will build on this one. Here we will be looking at how you start to put some of these things into action.

If you want more support on your journey, you may want to sign up for the ‘Give Yourself a Promotion’ Coaching series, which is 6 taught on-line sessions beginning early February.  I also, offer one to one coaching for people that would like help in taking that next big step towards a new career.

To get to the front of the queue and register your interest about signing up or indeed for one to one coaching, please fill in the sign-up below and get in touch.

Until next week!


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