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Let it go…live your purpose!

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Did you have a lovely Christmas?  I do hope so.

Mine was filled with family, food, fun and much relaxing.  Very nice and very needed (as per my cat photo below which was taken at the end of Christmas day!)…


So, as usual this is the time when I start to plan my New Year.  This I get very excited about not least of which because it involves paper, diaries and notebooks (a small fetish as you may know if you’ve read my blog for any length of time), but because I get to literally get to put together a plan for lots of amazing and exciting things to happen.

Many blogs at this time offer advice about planning, dreaming and ways to stick to your New Year resolutions.  My blog this year is simple and it’s based on the fact that I finally did succumb and watched the film ‘Frozen’ over Christmas.

I’d avoided Frozen (though I do love a good Disney film it must be said), as there has clearly been so much hype about the film and I thought, if I heard the song Let it Go once more, that I may submerge by radio in water.

Now I can’t lie, I’ve gone from this feeling of wanting to drown my speakers, to downloading Let it Go (song and instrumental version no less), and singing it at every opportunity!

I thought that Let it Go, probably referred to letting go your feelings about something…maybe something bad had happened?  Very Disney…how wrong I was.

For those that maybe haven’t seen Frozen (I don’t think I’ll ruin this)…Let it Go, is a most empowering song about letting go your powers and abilities and letting them shine for all the world to see.

This is my message for one and all this blog post.

Let this year be the year that you Let it Go!  Shine without abandon.  Stop hiding your talents, not letting them go for fear of judgement/failure/criticism (you fill in your own blank).

Today is the day to live your purpose.  If you are struggling to know what that is, maybe you can take some time over the New Year break to write down your answers to the following questions:

When I reach 80 years of age, what would I regret not having done when I look back on my life?

If money were no object, what would I still want to wake up and do every day?

When do I lose time (see a previous blog post on this)?

When I day-dream about doing something what is it/what does it look like?

So, play the song…be inspired and Let it Go for 2015….

…now is the time to live your purpose.

Til next week and Happy New Year to you!


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