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Want to change your career…why not give yourself a promotion?

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How long have you been waiting to change your career?  How long have you been waiting to either find a new job that you love or maybe you just go to work every day in the hope that someone will recognise the good work you are currently doing and promote you.  Maybe you will finally get that upgrade to the next level, move up a spine-point or be given an opportunity to take on more tasks that you finds fulfilling as opposed to the one you’ve been doing for so long?


In my experience, working with people who are usually really, really good at what they do, it’s rare that promotions and ‘perks’ or rewards just land on your lap, even when you are good at your job.

Even when you’ve been working really hard, and you try to show that you are going above and beyond the rest, usually everyone is so busy themselves or bogged down by bureaucracy that they fail to recognise what you have been doing.

I also meet many people that now find their ‘appraisals’, once something that might have helped you to progress up that ladder, are now instead focused on the institution or business and how you can help ‘it’ achieve success as opposed to any success for you as an individual.

There are ways to change this, and they all start with how we relate to what we are doing and we feel we can make a difference?

When you look at what you do, does it make you fly out of bed in the morning?  OK, it may not happen every single day….there are natural peaks and troughs in any work we do, even when we follow our calling.  But, if you are having more days that see you wanting to keep your head under the duvet or stay behind your closed door in the safety of your home, then maybe there are some changes that could be made to help start to shift that way of thinking.

As I meet so many people going through this process of struggling to make a career change, whether that be a change within their current work or a change that means that they want to shift away from their current role and into something more passion- making, I have designed a new on-line course that will help you to make this change.

It’s the first course I have ever designed for an on-line community and I am really so excited to present this to you.  The 6 session course is designed to help you ‘Give Yourself a Promotion’, regardless of what that might look like.  For some it may be help with finding out what they really want to do, for others to may be help to move into a new career or self-employment?

In this course you will discover what you are good at/when you are in your ‘flow’.  You will learn how you can start to make tweaks and changes immediately so that you can get more out of your working day and begin to feel more balanced. You will also look at what path you need to take in order to reach your full potential whether that be a different career path or being your own boss, but ultimately it will help you to identify how you can make money doing what you love while finding enough time to still do the other things you love!  A true multi-passionate life!

If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, then to get to the front of the queue and be given the opportunity for a limited time early-bird concession, then please fill out the form below and you will be the first to receive all the information you need.

I look forward to hearing from you and please do watch this space for more upcoming information and exciting new resources for those wanting to live a more multi-passionate life.

Til next week…


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