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Is your career for a moment, season or a lifetime?


Do you sometimes look at your life and wonder what things would look like if you had chosen a different career?

I’m not suggesting that you regret where you are or what you’ve done, but maybe from time to time you find yourself pondering what life would have looked like if you had done that Art degree instead of Geography?  What would life look like now if you became an interior designer or maybe you wonder what would have happened if you trained to be a nurse or started your own business?


I meet many people in my coaching practice who often feel that they chose the wrong career path.  Some people feel that they just ended up in their work without any real thought.  Others feel that they have outgrown their job or that they now want to move on to something that is rooted more deeply in a passion or something that they find more fulfilling.

The fact is that we often chose a career thinking that it will be for life, when in actual fact, as we grow and change as individuals, doesn’t it seem natural then that our work or purpose in this world would shift also?

Working with students who have chosen a degree path, I see every day young people who think that in choosing their degree subject they have now chosen a career for life.

I remember feeling the same way when I went to University.  I was so committed to working in the area of Criminal Psychology I did two degrees at the same time!  Not something I’d recommend to everyone.  Nonetheless I graduated with my BSc in Psychology and a BA in Criminology and then went on to do a MSc, PGCHE and then PhD.  ‘Still at University?’, is what I would often hear from my parents.  How funny that I then went on to work in one.

What I didn’t consider when I was working so hard to get good grades and juggle all the other things I was doing, was that there might come a time when I would decide that there might be other things I could do or would want to do that would bring in an income.

The fact is, is that it is never ‘too late’ to make a change to what you do for a living. Any work that you have done previously can only work to enhance what you choose to do in the future.  The other thing to remember is that you can truly make a loving doing something that you love, and I believe that this is not the standard message we teach our children.

Sir Ken Robinson tackles this in his work when addressing the idea of being in your ‘element’, What is it you really love to do?  What are you good at?  What do people come to you for?  Maybe this is your career…maybe this is your path…maybe this is how you can make your living…maybe THIS is what we should be teaching our children (please do take a look at this TED Talk – please click to to be taken to it).

It is never too late to move in to a new moment, season or to live out the rest of your days doing something new, fulfilling and exciting.  Find your element and find your path to a new chapter that may be even more exciting, fulfilling, financially beneficial and thrilling than the last!

Till next week.


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