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How do women in academia juggle it all?

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Hello. I hope you have had a good week.

I’ve been getting up to all sorts of exciting things of late. I’ve been meeting new people, seeing new clients, getting in a lot of writing and preparing workshops and talks for various people. One of the talks I was asked to do, is one that I was invited to some time ago. This was a conference set up by Leeds Beckett University. The event, which took place today, was geared towards women in academia and was designed to help them excel in their career and in particular their areas of research.


I can only applaud such forward thinking employers. They seem to have grasped that by supporting their staff in their work and by putting on these helpful and inspirational events, that they ultimately not only allow their staff to flourish, but that a happier workforce means a more motivated one.
This we know leads to a more committed staff that in turn reaps boundless rewards for the institution.

My talk interestingly enough was on work/life balance. In particular how we achieve this and how women who might want to complete research, can fit this in to their, already busy, lives.

The fact is, is that when we go to work we do not suddenly switch of our minds to all the other things that make up who we are, including families, loved ones and also our other key interests. The happiest people are those that can make a living doing something that they love, which IS possible, regardless of what some people may say. It also means figuring out what you really want as well as learning to say ‘no’,to those things that do not align with where and even who you want to be.

If you are interested in knowing more about this, then do sign up to this blog as you will be the first to know about upcoming events about this as well as some new resources that will soon be made available to you.

I also have a new 6 week course starting in January for women looking to ‘give themselves a promotion’. If you’d like to find out more, please email at, writing ‘tell me more’ in the subject line and you can be the first to find out.

I hope you have a fantastic week.

Until then!


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