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Meet Danielle Thompson….Multi-passionate entrepreneur.

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Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve had a fantastic week.

So you may remember that I said I would be presenting to you some interviews with amazing Multi-passionate Women in Business.  In light of this I am delighted to be able to present to you Danielle Thompson….

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I met Danielle when she attended one of my Multi-passionate (MP) Women’s meet-ups over summer. At the time Danielle was certainly living the stereotypical life of an MP; working in her branding role for Boots, running her business part time and still finding time to look after her 2 children, as well as having a life in-between.  I caught up with Danielle over coffee the other day and found out all about her life, work and business which she now runs full time.  So, without much further ado…

Can you tell us about your work, before you started your own business?

I grew up in the New Forest, where most of my family still are today. I attended Plymouth University and completed my degree in Business after which I returned home and started working for Bacardi Martini in a general business role.  I love and thrive on responsibility and so quickly moved up the ranks progressing to more senior roles.  I’m particularly good at organising and logistics, so leadership roles are good for me as I enjoy the management aspect.

What was your next move?

Well, from here I was headhunted by Boots, so ended up moving fully into a logistics role for the company.  It was a big move in that I physically moved locations from my home in the New Forest, to Nottingham. I did project management, reporting. Database creation and event organisation.

As the same time I freelanced as a magazine editor as a magazine editor for a UK wide warehouse closure programme, including copy, design, content generation, proof-reading and production/distribution.

My next career move was a bit different. I went into creative management where I focussed on brand building and guardianship.  I really enjoyed this work.  I was able to work with a wide range of marketing streams and mediums and developed a fantastic eye for colour, photography, copy and layout.  Working in this area really built on my strengths and I am able to utilise these skills in my business now.

You clearly loved your work for Boots. What changed?

Yes, I loved my job, but as time went on I was being given more and more responsibility.  Again, I love responsibility but ultimately it led to working longer and longer hours, which in turn meant time away from my husband and children.  My daughter was particularly affected by this, and I think this was really a turning point for me.  I was craving more balance.  More time with my family and more time for myself!

So how did this lead to self-employment?

Self-employment seemed like such an obvious step for me. I knew I had the skills to run a business, but more than that, I knew I had skills that could help other people in their own businesses too.  I knew that my ability to help with copy, branding, marketing, business expansion support and research were all skill needed by other entrepreneurs, so that’s what I did.  I started to offer this work, to others and from there it grew.

Business grew rapidly by word of mouth and so in April this year I was able to leave Boots and I now work full time for myself in my own business, ‘Spinning Plates’, as that’s what I help people to do!

Who are your main customers in Spinning Plates?

My customers are really varied. They come from all walks of life and backgrounds.  At this stage most of my clients are women, though I do work with men.  The majority are also business owners and the work they ask me to do is as varied as business administration for a dance school, business growth and marketing for a colonic hydro clinic, booking and updating sites for cottage rental to working on various areas in a skin care clinic and false eyelash business.

Its sounds really varied. Do you enjoy that part of your business?

Very much. Every day is different and I like that. I also love working with the different business and the different women and men behind the business.  I also love that I now get to dictate my own schedule.  If I want to sit and read a story to my daughter, I can.  I can then make up the time later when she has gone to bed as a lot of my work is done on my laptop, and can be done outside of traditional ‘office hours’.

Do you have any people or businesses you particularly enjoy working for?

Yes, I love working with people who are just really passionate about what they are doing!

People who are really driven and focussed and have a fire in their belly are such a pleasure to work with as you can see just how excited they are about doing what they do. You also feel like you can really make a difference.  Its makes for really exciting collaborations.

If people are thinking about hiring you for work, what areas do you feel you could make the biggest impact on their business?

As I’ve said, there is very little I couldn’t help with when it comes to business services and administration, but the area that I know I have a big impact is business strategy.

I’m really good at helping businesses figure out steps for growth across all areas. Not only can I help with the strategy, but I can also help with the implementation as well.  This is how I differ from some other businesses too, as I am able to have impact from start to finish so to speak.

Danielle, how can people contact you if they want to hire you for work?

People can go to my website at  They can also contact me at or call me on 07771 614 588.  I like to listen what people think they need in terms of services and then can give them a quote for the work they wish to have completed.


I hope you enjoyed this interview with Danielle for this month’s Multi-passionate Woman’s Business Interview. I happen to know that outside of spinning plates for other peoples businesses, and running her own business, Danielle also has two children and likes to keep in shape…having just attended a very interesting class just before we met!  I’ll leave Danielle to tell you all about that one.

Danielle has also been kind enough to offer readers of this blog a 15% discount on their first months bill if you hire her for work.  You will just need to quote MPW0014.

I can’t recommend Danielle enough for help with your business strategy and administration. In fact I’m going to be working with Danielle myself on some things for my own business and I can’t wait!

So, I hope you all have a wonderful week. I would love to hear from you in the comments section below about whether you enjoyed this interview and also if you’d like to read more?

Also, if you are a MP Business owner yourself, and would like to be interviewed then do also be in touch with me Serena at  I’ll be choosing one woman a month to interview about their business, so you too could be on these pages showcasing your MP life and business.

Till next week!


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