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Change happens outside your comfort zone…

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Do you ever feel like you will start your ‘real’ life someday? Like, you are somehow just eeking out the days doing the stuff that will get you by so that you can eventually start doing the things you really love?

Maybe you are waiting to write that book that will eventually change your life? Maybe you are waiting for the ‘right time’ to leave your job, so that you can retrain as a coach or start working in your area of passion? Maybe you are just waiting for your weekends to do the things you really love or maybe you are even waiting for your retirement!

Oh boy! It looks like there is a lot of waiting going on here. I know this happens for so many people, not only because I work with people in my practice helping them to make changes NOW, but because I did this myself once upon a time.

The thing is, as you may well know, is that there isn’t really any such thing as a perfect time to start living your best and fullest life. I guarantee, that if you were told you had a year left to live, that you would see pretty quickly that things can change in an instant if you really want them to.

The good news is, is that you don’t need anything so drastic, or awful, to happen to you to for you to start making changes in your life today!

I’ve seen people leave their ‘secure’ and ‘good’ jobs and take a step into the unknown whether that be retraining or self-employment. I’ve seen people leave destructive relationships, move countries and take up amazing and exciting hobbies all as a result of taking action.

The fact is, is that human beings are very clever at avoiding anything that causes them stress or discomfort. Change is often perceived as being difficult or painful on some level, which is why we often avoid it. Even if we know that there is the possibility of it being positive, it is internally and usually unconsciously perceived as too much of a risk, challenging and therefore to be avoided.

If you are struggling to makes changes, a good way to start your process of change is to list all the reasons to both stay, where you are and then list all the reasons to leave the situation in question. Look at them head on, and then consider the long term ‘risks’ if you were to stay put. For example what would your life look like if you don’t write that book or don’t retrain and change career and just stay in your current job?

When you’ve done that consider this….change really takes place outside the boundaries of your comfort zone. It is exactly in the area which we avoid, are scared of, are reluctant to look at in which we find challenge, adaptation and essentially our own evolution.

So, the next time you feel like staying safe, not taking a risk or just waiting for your best life to happen to you, remember that if you push yourself, take more risks, not worry so much about getting things right and not wait for the ‘right time’ to do it, your life might begin to look quite different!

Till next week…


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