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Kiss a cat week…

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What brings you happiness in your life?

For me it can be the simplest of pleasures. A hot cup of coffee in bed in the morning, the thud of my favourite magazine hitting the door mat, sharing giggles with a friend, the ones that make tears stream down your face, the log burner warming my toes on a crisp winters’ day. The list is endless, I’m good at doing grateful. But this post is not about those things. This is a post devoted to what I get from my cats, Flossy and Otter (seen below).



I’ve abandoned the post I actually had scheduled for today in honour of acknowledging the love and happiness that my cats bring me on a daily basis, not to mention the laughter. And I do this because, as you may have seen from my Twitter feed, Otter my little black and white boy cat, went missing for a day yesterday.

In the face of this, and what it would entail if he was gone forever, I would have done anything to have him back home. Warm, safe and secure in my arms.

I coach people and have many friends and family members who also get so much from being with their animals. Animals can bring love, comfort, companionship and the giggles sometimes needed to get you through, not to mention the fact that they can help to keep us grounded.

I understand that not everyone has pets or even likes them : ( But if you are someone that does love animals like me, maybe you have pets of your own, or maybe you’ve had them in the past, maybe you have lost pets, or like me have had yours go missing, then this post is for you!

Now please do go and give your cat, or dog or gerbil or rabbit, whatever let you might have, a kiss! And let’s all appreciate for one moment what these little beings do for us, just being in our lives!

Till next week…

I’d love to hear about what your pets do for you….also, if you would like to send in a short sentence with a photo of your pet I will post them here on the site.

I can’t wait to see what pets you all have!


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