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Time for a change…

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Working with people in a coaching role means I usually encounter people who are looking to change something in their life.

Sometimes the things that people want to change are seemingly quite small.  They want help in finding ‘more time’ in their week to the accomplish things they’ve been putting off, they want help in discovering new hobbies or passions.

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There are also people who want to make bigger changes, such as a career shift.  Maybe they want to go self employed or go back to study?  Some people want to find love or change other things about their personal circumstances.

Regardless of how big or small these changes might appear to others, we never know how someone else might be struggling to deal with them.

Some of us for example love nothing more than going for a run.  It’s our way of distressing, its time out of the rat-race and we love that fact that it keeps us fit and able to wear nice clothes and feel good in our skin.  Someone else however might be so utterly daunted by exercising that they don’t know where to start, how to fit it in and ultimately be so completely afraid of how it might make them look to other ‘fitter’ people, that they feel stuck as to how to even begin that process of change.

Depending on who you are, your past life experiences such as your upbringing or previous attempts to makes change, these things can feel really daunting, intimidating or even frightening.  For some it might just be that you feel that there are blocks to helping you change and you can’t see what they are.

In my capacity as a Coaching Psychologist I’ve loved helping people to overcome their blocks thus helping them fulfil their desires and reach previously unattainable goals.  What was scary or frightening as first can feel can end up feeling, really exciting, ike a new adventure.  The endless possibilities of what could happen, of what you could achieve?

Its interesting to notice if you are you the kind of person to focus on the things that could go wrong in these situations or if you find yourself inspired by the unknown?  A blank canvas, the opportunity to explore and delve into things that you’ve not encountered before?

 September is a great month for looking at things that you would like to change.  Children are back at school.  People are going to college and starting new and exciting courses, there is the feeling of ‘new beginnings’ in the air.

This week I therefore invite you to make a change of your own.  What can you start that is new and exciting and what small changes would you have to overcome to reach your goals?

I’d love to hear about what it is that you will be undertaking.

Till next week!


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