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A Kintsugi Life….

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I am currently thoroughly enjoying my summer leave, how about you?

I’ve spent most of my time so far just relaxing, something that’s been long overdue I can tell you. I’ve been watching some great films, finishing box sets I’ve been too short for time to finish, and I’ve also enjoyed some great food and the company of fantastic friends. Since finishing work last Friday I’ve already had two dinner parties and have many more friend ‘dates’ to come….how wonderful!

Yesterday I also went to the Lincolnshire Home Show with my good friend Tania. It’s one of my very favourite markets to attend, and I’ve been a regular attendee for about the last 9 years. So many pieces form my home have been sourced from there over the years. It’s a place where you really feel you can still grab a bargain and have friendly banter with the stall holders.

I love nothing more than seeing a piece that catches your eye poking out from behind something. You go over to it and as you remove it from the vast pile of stuff that surrounds it, you see it in all it’s glory! You just know that you can take this beauty home, clean it up and polish it. You’ll then sand and treat it, or maybe even paint it and it will become a well loved piece within your home before you can say flea-market!

I love doing this so much! The entire process excites and inspires me. What will I find? What will I be able to do with it? How will I repair it? Where will it go and how will it become a piece within my home?

When people come into my home I find it really interesting to see the surprise on their faces when they realise that I have done this. ‘Oh wow’ they often say….’it
looks like new…I was hoping I could buy one’. ‘Do you think I could get one like it in Ikea?’

For me personally, though I don’t mind Ikea for certain things, I love nothing more than to tend to these old, second or even fourth-hand pieces I come across. I love nothing more then to take the time to fix and mend them. I even adapt them by trying to reupholster or add things to them on occasion.

This desire to do this and to see the beauty in something that may have been previously cast aside, makes me think of how we approach our lives. It seems to me that there are some of us that do this in our life. We take the time to work on things; to fix them and to ultimately extend the life and function of something, in knowing it’s value, and to therefore avoid merely throwing it away.

This process makes me think of the process called Kintsugi, have you heard of this? This is a Japanese tradition of fixing broken pottery with resin that has been infused with gold, silver or platinum. It’s an amazing process that not only means that the life of the item is lengthened, but this things beauty is arguably enhanced and it’s ultimate worth increased.

How wonderful to know that we might be able to apply this kind of practice to our lives. Kintsugi might not only be applicable therefore to items in our homes. Consider for a moment that if I take time to ‘work on’ my life in various ways; to not just throw away ideas, relationships, dreams…..that I then might be able to work on them, polish them up and ultimately make them more viable and thus have us feel more accepting and even appreciative of all the cracks and breaks that have made us who we are today!

I love this idea so much and hope you’ll join me in considering for the next while that anything that you consider to be an imperfection, is actually just perfect! What a different and inspiring way to live your life!

Till next week…


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