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My week in pictures…

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Pheeew! What a week!

As you read this, I am probably on a plane, heading of to the sunny climbs of Carcassonne, France.

I’m going on a lovely 5 day break, and while there will be attending a dear friend’s wedding…the first of a few this season. So, in light of this, and before I head off, I just wanted to share in this blog-post, a few things that I have been up to this week that have kept me out of mischief.

The first thing was that I made my first official television appearance, seen here with the lovely Frances Finn from Notts TV.  I was on the channel 8 debate with 3 other lovelies by the names of Ash Gangotra a designer from Fashtex, Ian Paul a theologian from Chilwell and Tina Bettison a writer and journalist ( and fellow multi-passionate woman I might add!).

The show was super fun!  I learnt loads and would definitely do it again, much to my amazement.  I got into some fantastic debates and fun was had by all..


Another thing I did was to spend some quality time with my family, in particular the ladies.  Here I can be seen with my mum and two aunties.  We had a lovely dinner at my parents house on Saturday.  Lots of laughing took place, food was eaten, music was listened to and we have already made plans for another meet-up at mine.  Hurray!


While working in my office/studio this week I watched my Cat, Flossy, do yoga on my yoga mat.  Whenever I got my camera out to take a shot, she sat back and looked very lady-like, not at all like the poses she had been in previously.  Look out for more photos, she truly puts yoga gurus to shame!


I found time to have a potter through town and browse Waterstones. I tweeted about this actually, and mentioned that I LOVE being in book shops as I find them so relaxing and calming.  Not just because they are usually quite quiet, but because I find it quite meditative….anyone else like this?




The last thing I have included a photograph of, is a sneaky peek picture of me at work with two lovely guys Brad and Rob, from Big Tank, which is a TV production company.  I’ve been asked to do something a little bit exciting, so do watch this space….

So, these are just a few pictures from my week. The life of a true multi-passionate.  I hope you have had a great week, and I look forward to sharing in the next few weeks some more news about what’s to come, including some exciting interviews I’ve been conducting with other fellow multi-passionate women.

Also, if you’d like to come to out first Multi-passionate meet up, then please do go to my news page to find out more information and purchase your ticket.  Over half the tickets have sold for the first meet up and there are only two weeks to go….I do hope you will join us.

Till then!


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