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Finally…an answer to creating more time!

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Yes, I’ve done it!  Problem solved!

I can now tell you exactly how you can create more time so you can fit it all in.  All those pesky things that you don’t have time for that are just sitting there on your to-do list, slowly being pushed further down by the ever growing additions that get promoted to the top.  I now have the answer to getting it all done, and here it is…

….you need to buy a ‘Time Turner’.  A Time-Turner is a nifty little device that when worn, can be physically turned so that the hours of the clock slowly reverse back to a time that you wish to go back to, thus giving you some extra hours that you previously never had.

The only issue is that you have to avoid your ‘past self’ so that, well, the universe doesn’t implode or something like that?

OK, Harry Potter fans (like me), out there will know exactly what I’m talking about here. If however you are not a Harry Potter fan, you can watch this short You Tube clip I’ve inserted here that will give you a little idea of the kind of thing I’m talking about.

The obvious point is, that there is no way we can make any more time than we already have, and as try as we might to fit in all in, the reality of leading a busy life, is that we have to just think about what it is we really, really want to do and make that the priority.

In my coaching work I meet people every day that struggle to fit everything in.  It is also one of the questions I get asked the absolute most…’how do you fit it all in?’ or ‘how do you do so much?’

Being Multi-passionate I love to do many things, I’ve always got projects on the go alongside my ‘normal’ daily work and other tasks.  In saying this, there are definitely some tips I would give to others in trying to do the same, some of which I’ve discussed in a previous blog video.

To summarise, these tips include:

#1  Write everything down

Brain dump!  Don’t think about it.  Just write everything down that you need to do, big, small, gigantic or teeny-tiny.

Getting things down on paper in front of you makes things easier to see and makes them more real than they were just sitting in your head.

#2  Schedule it!

Looking at your list, take each of those items and schedule them into your calendar.  The idea here is that things won’t get done by osmosis, they actually need to be scheduled so that they can be completed at a time that is realistic.

Also, once done, there is nothing like ticking something off of your list!

#3 Take action or do the work

This sounds like the most obvious, silly thing in the world, but the fact is that if you are good at procrastinating, like really good,  you might only get so far as stage 2 here as this doesn’t require much in the way of physical action.

It’s like having a really great gym programme.  I know people who hold a gym programme in their hand with pride.  They went to the gym to get it, they looked at the equipment, and they thought about all the exercise they are going to do and how they are going to end up really athletic and strong.  Then they go and eat a big cream doughnut before they start.

You see, thinking about what you are ‘going to do’ to some degree is the easy bit.  You have to actually take action and do the work.  Yes, it might be painful to start with (as per the gym programme), but the results will all be worth it.

So, will there be anything that you will be taking action on straight away?

If you’d like some more tips and advice I will be giving a short talk about this very subject on July 23rd, 6pm at Wired café in Nottingham.

The evening will involve a 25 minute talk from me about ‘Finding balance within the chaos’.  I will be sharing some tips and also some real-life stories that I haven’t shared here.  You will also be given a selection of wonderful tapas, a drink and the opportunity to talk to other like-minded multi-passionate women.

You can purchase a ticket by clicking on the link below.  Please note that tickets are limited due to the size of the venue.

I hope to see you on the 23rd…until next week!

Eventbrite - Multi-passionate Women's Monthly Meet-up


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