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What did the women at MPWC really think?

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Todays blog needs very little introduction as it involves watching another amazing video from Jules Philipi from Lemon Lizard Productions.

Want to know what some of the women really thought about the conference that happened nearly 4 weeks ago?  Well in this video you will get to see some of the women themselves, as they tell you all about what they got from MPWC2014.

The video is punctuated with the wonderful music provided on the day by Agent Lala, who just happen to be Laila and Vanya from Indigo Brave!

Please leave a comment below telling me all about what you got from the day if you attended.  Also, I’d really love to hear from you if you think there should be an MPWC2015?

I hope you all have a fab rest of week.

Till next Wednesday!


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