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Bonus Blog Post: The Birthday Swag Bag Blog Hop

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Hi everyone,

Well today I’d like to present to you a bonus blog post which is the first ‘tag’ blog post I have ever done!

I was ‘tagged’ for this by my good friend Sarah Dale, an Organisational and Coaching Psychologist here in Nottingham. Sarah was one of the speakers at my recent Multi-passionate Women’ Conference.   She is a truly inspiring friend, speaker and the author of two fantastic books, which you can read all about here.

So, the tag was started by a lady I have never met called Susie Orman Schnall author of On Grace.  You can find out all about Susie here.  Isn’t it amazing and wonderful how these things work!

The idea of the tag is that the blogger is going to a friends fortieth birthday party on an exotic island, and we are to list the things that we would like to add to the birthday swag bag for the group.  So, here goes…


Oh my to try and pick one book…I have several favourite books (watch out for these actually in an upcoming blog post), but the one I would choose for the bag would be The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Creative Inner Battles, by Steven Pressfield.

I LOVE this book and although I was torn about including a novel, if this is someone’s fortieth birthday, then this is a great book to help someone start to think about what it is that they truly want to achieve that maybe they haven’t yet, and also how they can overcome obstacles that have got in the way of achieving our hearts desires.

I learnt a lot from this book and love that it contains practical advice as well as advice little insights that make you laugh at yourself and the silly things we do to self- sabotage.


Again, oh my…just one?!

There are some beauty products that I would find it difficult to live without, these include things like a good face wash and moisturiser, I am also always applying lip balm (just like my Sarah who tagged me for this).

I am however going to include my new favourite lip gloss for this one.  I’m in love with it at the mo and wear it everyday.  That is the Sexy Mother Pucker lip-gloss in pink apricot by Soap & Glory.

It’s really tingly when you put it on and just really like the pale neutral colour.  It feels nice on…not too sticky like some glosses can be and also it makes me feel a little bit more ‘dressed up’ if I’m wearing it.  It’s a good ‘un.


This was a tricky one as I think like most people, I go through phases of liking something.  One of my favourite snacks at the moment however would be dried, slightly salted edamame beans…yuumm!

They are a great snack on the go.  Full of protein and a great substitute for crisps (during the week anyway, when I am trying to ‘be good’).  You can buy them from most supermarkets and health food shops.


Oh deary me…just one?  This one is SO hard for me.  I have a few favourite albums which include all Crowded House albums, anything by Dave Matthews, with my favourite album being Under the table and Dreaming, seen below:

At the moment however I am listening a lot to two albums, they are Ghost Stories by Coldplay and also an album called Brightly Painted One by a small Kiwi band called Tiny Ruins.  Based on that, I think I would have to bring Under the table and Dreaming and Ghost Stories….two…I know!!

Ghost Stories


This one is the easiest of all.

There is something that I have with me at all times.  I love these things and cannot go anywhere without one.  When I go out, I seek them out and look at them, and often purchase them, even when I don’t need them.  What am I?

I am a notebook!

I am in love with notebooks and have been from a young age, therefore my extra item would be a lovely notebook.  I just love a new notebook.  It is something that just epitomises ‘possibility’ to me.  This notebook could be anything?  It could hold your novel, it could include ideas and dreams for your future, of course it could just include lots of lists like mine do, but how much more exciting they seem between the pages of a gorgeous book!

Below is a photograph of a small cabinet I have in my studio which contains a bunch of new notebooks waiting to be written in…wonderfulness!


Right, well that is my bit of this swag contribution.  It has made for a very different kind of blog post for me.  Thank you Sarah!

I’d now like to pass the baton and tag three friends to do the same…they are:

Rosjke Hasseldine from Mother Daughter Coach.  Rosjke is a great friend and fantastic psychotherapist who does amazing work with mothers and daughters in her beautiful home in New England.

I’d also like to invite my good friend Tania Lambert from Freckleface.  Tania is a wonderfully creative soul who has a beautiful likestyle blog over at  Tania is a constant inspiration to me as she juggles so much while still finding time to look gorgeous and surround herself with all things beautiful and creative.  I think you will love her blog…I do.

I’d also like to tag my new ‘web’ friend Katja Hunter, another Multi-passionate soul who is a kindred spirit! She has her own blog and site which is all about being multi-passionate…it’s really fantastic and if you an MP, you will love her passion, enthusiasm for all things multi-passionate.

So, I hope you have enjoyed this unusual tag blog.  I can’t wait to see what the others put in their bags…..

Until Wednesday!


Upcoming recorded conversations with Rosjke Hasseldine and Katja Hunter on the following topics:

Wednesday 2nd July* with Rosjke Hasseldine:  ‘Raise your earning potential by collaboration’

Wednesday 6th August with Katja Hunter: ‘Creativity in the Multi-passionate Entrepreneur’

*Please note that this date has changed from Wednesday 25th June*


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