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Important time for reflection…

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It’s been a very contemplative week or two for me post-conference.  The event was a bit like Christmas day, for lots of reasons.


There was a massive build-up, with preparations being made some 9 months before the day even happened.  Having to think about every tiny detail, speakers, venue, corsages, goody-bags.  Would people turn up, would they have a good time?  Was everything in place that should be in place?  Then there was the day itself….a day of fun, festivities and what really was like a big a celebration.

Like Christmas, I was left with a warm glow after the day, good memories and also if I’m honest  a little scared at the prospect of doing it all again next year : )  You know it will be amazing, but boy it takes time and effort!

This is why I’ve taken a little time out to ponder what’s happened and to look at where this fits in with the bigger picture.  I’m really excited about things to come and I’m aware that I want to create something that is sustainable and ultimately helpful to not only the women who came to the event, but the people that are reading this post.  For those  that feel that they relate to being Multi-passionate and feel that they benefit from the message and from being part of this movement and community.

It’s also been really important for me to take stock of what I’ve done, and to recover! (again, just like Christmas, do you relate?).  I’ve had a lovely couple of weeks catching up with friends and family who have been ignored, I’m back at work, planning new things and the most exciting bit, planning new projects and figuring out where over my summer, which seems SO exciting right now, I get to complete on projects already begun.

I have also been working hard behind the scenes to change my website, which you will see really soon.  Compile my newsletter for conference attendees and also set up a Twitter list and Facebook group.  These things are coming over the next week, so watch out for those.

I’d also like to invite you to what will be the first monthly meeting for Multi-passionates, which will happen every two months starting this month on June 26th.

The idea of these meetings is to keep connected, keep the conversation and dialogue flowing, continuing to learn and challenge ourselves and also to grow and keep connected in this Multi-passionate movement!

Each meeting will last 2 hours, starting at 6pm and ending at 8pm.  There will be a new speaker every month, where the speaker will talk to you about a relevant topic for 25 minutes.  The rest of the time you will have to meet, mingle and be merry.  Tickets include a drink and food.

The first meeting on June 26th is going to take place at WIRED café in Nottingham city centre.  It is a fab little café owned by an amazing female business team.  For our first meeting they will be providing a drink and a selection of lovely tapas.  The first speaker will be me and I will be talking about ‘finding balance in the chaos’, looking at how we really fit it all in!

I do hope you might be able to join us for this first meeting of the year. Tickets are strictly limited due to the size of the venue.  You can purchase you ticket below….I look forward to seeing you there!

*Please look out for a bonus post this week which will direct you to the new Multi-passionate Facebook group and Twitter list!*

Eventbrite - Multi-passionate Women's Monthly Meet-up


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