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Like a child before Christmas…

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…thank you all for bearing with me.  I know that this blog has turned a little bit into the ‘getting ready for the Multi-passionate Women’s Conference’ blog, but oh goodness me, I’ve been on a learning curve that has just kept, well, curving for the last 9 months!

I’m only hours away from 9am Friday morning, when it all begins.  So this will be one of the last blogs posts that is all about the day, though the next one I’m sure will be about what actually happened : )

For my last ‘pre’ conference post I wanted to share with you a final video that I shot and edited just today.

This video is just a fun, cheeky video that shows my friend Helen and I foraging this-morning in Colwick woods. She owns a small company called Hosta Consulting which is based here in Nottingham.  Helen is basically a very talented landscape designer.  I asked Helen as a friend to go completely outside her remit and do something that she wouldn’t usually do and you know what….as a true Multi-passionate entrepreneur, she said yes!  Just like the man from Del Monte if you are old enough to remember him, but better!

Well, we had fun even though it was raining! We walked through the gorgeous woods around Colwick Hall where the conference is taking place, and well, foraged for wild flowers and foliage to our hearts content laden with our secateurs and I had an ‘old lady basket’ because, well, I love them!

As Helen knows all about plants and flowers, she taught me all about what we could pick and what we couldn’t.  It was lovely and even though it was raining we talked, laughed an chatted all the way.  So much in fact that we ended up having a coffee in the Hall afterwards and talked for another hour!

Anyway, Helen is making us each something lovely for the conference this year, something that each woman attending will be taking home.  I told you this wasn’t a run of the mill conference!

So, if you are joining us I can’t wait to meet you!  If you are still considering coming, tomorrow is the last day you have to decide as tickets won’t be sold after midnight tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy the video…sorry it’s a bit late, its been a hell of a day!  I really look forward to showing you some photographs and video snippets next week if you won’t be making it along.

Until then…oh, and thank you SO much Helen!


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One thought on “Like a child before Christmas…

  1. Really looking forward to it. I know you have worked so hard on it and it is going to be wonderful! X

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