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Do you want to be a Free Range Human?…

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…if so, you must have heard of Marianne Cantwell?

Marianne Cantwell has authored a fantastic book called ‘Free Range Human:  Escape the 9 to 5, create a life you love and still pay the bills’.

I read this book last summer and just loved it.  The book isn’t just about how to leave your job actually, it is very much a book about how to follow your dreams/passions and to live a life that you are all-round just happier with.  It’s for this reason, that I’ve recommended it to numerous friends AND it is why Marianne is key-note speaker at this years Multi-passionate Women’s Conference. hurrah!

I interviewed Marianne the other day by Skype and I would love to share this with you, but before I do I have a disclaimer (!).

I had one of those days where technology just did not want to play the game.  Have you had those?  We had trouble with the sound, hence I ended up having to wear head-phones and then after up-loading the video (for the third time), we still look like we are from a bad Japanese fighting film as our speech and the actual video refuse to play in time…so..

…here are two photographs of myself and Marianne for you to look at while I suggest that you only listen to the audio of the clip.

Marianne II


Even better, get a lovely cup of tea or coffee, close your eyes, relax and listen to our conversation : )

I hope you enjoy it and I do hope you will be joining us next week.

Until then…

Please go to for more information about the conference and to buy tickets.

Please also follow us on TWITTER at @mpwc2014

Have a great week!


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