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Meet Sarah Dale from Creating Focus…

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I hope you’ve had a fantastic week.

For this weeks blog post I’d like to share with you an interview that I conducted (in my kitchen), with my friend Sarah Dale from Creating Focus.  Sarah is an Organisational Psychologist, coach and author and is so amazing at what she does, that I asked her to share her insight with us at the MPW conference this year.

Instead of telling you all about it, you can watch the full interview here if you just click on the below.

In the video I ask Sarah all about her work as a psychologist, we look at what it means to be Multi-passionate and if you are coming to the conference you’ll be interested to hear Sarah share all about what she will be discussing with you on the day

There was so much more that I wanted to ask Sarah but for fear of making it too long (I thought it would only take 5 minutes!), I reeled myself in and decided to save a few questions for another interview for after the conference.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it….Oh, and there is a slight accident with the camera which I kind of kept in as it made us both laugh a lot.

Oh the silliness!

Only just over two weeks left until the Multi-passionate Women’s Conference.  I do hope you will join us for this amazing day!

Tickets can be bought by clicking on this text.

You can also go straight to the conference website by clicking the below link.

Until next week.


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