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New advert for MPWC2014…you coming?

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So, it’s the last month leading up to the event that is to be the worlds first ever conference for the Multi-passionate woman!

I’m so excited at the prospect of helping you find your passion, build and grow your business and make new friends and find out about new connections that might help you along your way.

Women are coming from around the country so please also follow us on Twitter to find out if women are coming from where you live.  I know that some women are figuring out car-sharing from places like Kent, Sussex, London and Hampshire.  There are also a few women coming from Scotland.  I even had one friend trying to see if she could make it over from Denmark…!

You guys are all going to have the best road-trip!

Anyway, maybe you can offer a car-share or would like to find one.  If you do, these conversations are happening on Twitter if you’d like to find out more.  You can follow us at @mpwc2014 or just follow the link here:

For those that are coming along the conference programme is now up on the site at  Do go and find out about all of the exciting, exciting-ness that will be occurring (yes it is a real word).

I really hope you can join us!





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